Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big Congrats

A big congrats to Ann on 22 October 2008 at UPM.

We are invited to attend her convo and this is the first time I attended. We are sharing the happiness with her and at the same time taken quite a no. of photograph with her yesterday!

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Ann's Convo

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2nd Anniversary

Today is our wedding 2nd anniversary and we have celebrated on last Sunday at Sho Gun, One-Utama together with baby Yan Ling.

But we are not meeting up at all as hubby is at Kajang, myself and baby is at Ampang.

Hubby has sms me midnight and this morning he told me that he's headached for my present.

As far as I am concerned, I've giving him a DSLR Nikon D80 as his anniversary present. He has been addicted for a DSLR camera long time, but due to the financial budget, we bought Canon IXUS 80 last year.

With this, I've joked for a present similar to the price of Nikon D80 which he think a good idea for him!

For me, I didn't hope to get any present but hope that he can really taking care of me as well as baby Yan Ling with 100% of love until forever.

The most happiest is he sms me "LOVE YOU FOREVER" on 12.55am midnight, which I think the best present I have from him!


We had our buffet dinner at Sho Gun, One-Utama last Sunday to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary together with baby Yan Ling.

We thought that we can have our dinner peacefully, but it is not!

Baby Yan Ling is very sleepy on that day and worse is she's annoying to the Chicken cum Ginseng portridge hubby bring from the food counter.

I got no choice but to feed baby Yan Ling 5Oz of milk immediately. She feel energize after drinking and suddenly we heard from her:

"mom-mom, mom-mom-mom."

"Daddy, Yan Ling is saying mom-mom lah, she knows mom-mom (is a baby language, in chinese means 'food')!"

"May be she wants to eat something," which I think so.

I try to feed her a few small slices of fish, she is telling me mom-mom also. To avoid her stomach being too full, I've stopped feeding her fish, but to carry her to round the whole area!

Due to the annoying of baby Yan Ling, hubby and I decided to left earlier and we are having a very expensive buffet dinner but not too value for us as we can't eat much at all!

This is the first time we heard "mom-mom" from her to request some food! And I can said that this is her improvement on her 7 months 2 weeks and 1 day old!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Grandmother


很熟悉的题目吧!好像是小学老师吩咐我们写的作文一样 ---〉你最敬爱的人。


由于舅舅的女佣回了老家 -- 印尼过年,担心他们外出后没有人陪 / 照顾她,舅舅在上两个礼拜就送外婆到我老妈家住了整整十天,直到上个星期四,外婆回家后,我整个人都变得浑身不舒服,家里似乎少了个人一样,很不自在!




My Grandmother

Left: Grandmother, Right: Her daughter from China, separated since she came to Malaya! Don't they look alike?!

There are thousand of words can't illustrated while they meet up at my uncle's house.

My uncle's family photo without my mother anyway!

She's my grandmother, 90 over years old, still can walk but slowly, good vision and listener.

She's taking care of me since I was born in year 1977 until I've started my primary school standard 1, parents sent me back to home until now!

Basically, she's came from Tong Shan 唐山, China when she was young. Getting married with my grandfather who passed away 30 years ago. She have a daughter staying at China all the while, separated more than 50 years till now, is my mother and uncle's sister -- JIE JIE, but different father! I can said 同母异父的兄姐妹关系! The above photos taken on early this year, this is the second time they meet up, there are a lot to chat while they get together! I curi all these photos from my cousin's blog today, need to say thank her -- Honey, thank you!
Lately, she stayed at my house for almost 10 days on end of September 2008, my uncle need to send her to my mom's house as their maid back to Indonesia to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa, they need my mother and us to help up to taking care of her during this period.

She always told me her old stories while I'm back from work, blaming my uncle and auntie not really taking care of her in a well manner, bla bla bla... I got to tell her not to keep this in her mind and forget it anyway. But, it seems difficult no doubt she is old but she's having a very good memories expecially all the histories she faced before.

While my uncle called that he need to send her back on Thursday night (9/10/2008), I thought wants to keep her stay at my mom's house, but can't! My uncle did offered me that we can pick her if we want too, therefore, I immediately tell him that I will! At the sametime, I've given my grandmother some sundry or junk food she likes, i.e. Woods, 山楂饼, Triflora, Gui Hwa Balm, Handygel and some sweets!

My sister was curious why? May be she doesn't with my grandmother all the while, so she doesn't understand my feeling!
Her birthday coming soon, but I really can't remember, need to ask from my mom and treat her out for makan.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vending Machine

I saw these vending machine in Japan from the e-mail today, supermarket and hypermarket can be superseded by vending machine at Japan from now on! Japanese can purchase sundry, newspaper, battery, etc. from these vending machine.



Fishing line, fish hooks and even bait can be purchase here!


Fried Food



Noodles / Ramen



Toilet Paper



Besides, I've seen 1 vending machine from Sunlaushi's website in selling bread --> 罐头面包 at Akihabara Station.

It looks delicious right?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Broken English

Among all the blog I've posted, I think I'm using the broken English to type all the para!

Yes, I'm Chinese school educated, you can't expect a very fluent English to be read from my blog, may be I was translated from Chinese (may be I shall blog in Chinese as well)!

Poor me!

Of course, the purpose for me to register a blog is to improve my English and to spend my free time during work (takes a bit advantage) and at home (I can blog while baby is having her nap)!

At least my life will not be so bored!

Stupid Staff

How stupid they are!

They have work with us for more than 5 years and yet they are still not familiar with the works!

People asking for Quit Rent receipt for lawyer's presentation, why they don't know how to answer the owner and only know to forward the question to me???

Is there any problems to use their brain to brainstorming on it??? If they are new staff, yes, we can't blame but all of you have been worked with us for more than 5 years!

Come on, is 5 years not 5 days!

I have to apologize and explain to the owners! I don't mind to explain but yet they have to understand what are the purpose for this document, what are the contents for this document and etc.

Lay off for all these staff is actually a very good idea and settlement for them!

There are no other reasons to keep them!


Am I reduced weight?

I've timbang for myself last Saturday @ 11 October 2008.

I'm shocked after my sister read out the weightage for me, do you know that my weight is 49.5kg!

Yeah, I've reduced weight from 53kg to 49.5kg within this 7 months! I'm quite happy with this result as I've consuming Shape all the while, and its shows that it works for me!

Even my sister also read out the same weightage after I stands on it twice!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Berry Sweet

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Scenic Switzerland 2008 Schedule

Finally, we managed to get the schedule from E-Excel Corporate Website.

Here it is:


We will be either at G03 or G04 as the flight are at the same time.

Departure time will be on 4 November 2008 at 02:30am.
Transit at Doha airport, reached Geneva on 5 November 2008 at 12:40noon.

It seems that we need one day flight to reach Switzherland. OMG, it will be very tired while we are having our tour next afternoon.

There are some important notes given also:

Time Different:

7 hours behind Malaysia. Means that Malaysia time 2.00pm, whereby Switzerland time will be 7.00am. Its seems difficult for me as I will be confusing with all the time frame between Malaysia and Switzerland!

Currency Exchange:

As far as the currency is concern, we are yet to exchange the currency yet as this is still early to do so!

But one important thing to do is to exchange the currency before we depart.


It seems interesting for me as Switzerland is a 4 seasons country, I will need to bring some sweather for this trip.

November is autumn. Day time average temperature forecast between 8 C to 15 C whereas temperatures at mountains may be 2 C.


To bring woolen sweater, thermal (long john), winter jacket (recommend with hat), gloves (waterproof), woolen hat, scarf, woolen socks and sunglasses.

Luckily one of my sister always go for travel, she did mentioned to Nick that I can borrow sweather from her. Hahaha, I can save money to buy other things!

Visiting Jungfraujoch:

Wow, this is quite interesting as I never visit to any mountain at all! This is a new task for me as the Jungfraujoch is the highest alps in Switzerland, i.e. approximately 4000m height from sea level.

According to the notes given, the altitude at Jungfraujoch will be increased, the air pressure increases and thus the oxygen in the air we breathe reduces; Asian visitor can easily get the high-altitude sickness. We are refrain from running and shouting to avoid suffering from high-altitude sickness.

We can bring some chocolates or candies and much on them if we feel dizzy while travelling up to Jungfraujoch.

With this, we shall prepare some chocolates for this trip to Jungfraujoch or else we can buy chocolates there, chocolates considered famous at Switzerland!

Below are the Itineraries for Qatar Airway (QR):

Day 01 --> KLIA - Doha - Geneva - Montreux
Day 02 --> Montreux - Bern - Lucerne
Day 03 --> Lucerne - Jungfraujoch - Lucerne
Day 04 --> Lucerne - Rhinefall - Titisee - Zurich
Day 05 --> Zurich - Gruyere - Lausanne - Geneva
Day 06 --> Geneva - Doha
Day 07 --> Doha - KLIA

I'm really excited and anticipated for this trip, as count there are 24 days to go!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love Story

This is the love story of my sister-in-law!

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Sweet Baby Girl

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Love & Laughter

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Happy Gal

Outdated Post @ 3 October 2008

Baby Yan Ling likes to laugh / smile in front of the handphone. May be she knows that we are taking photo for her!

She will show us with her smile and even laugh at the handphone.

Yesterday night, before daddy Yan Ling left, he would like to record baby Yan Ling rolling her body, but baby Yan Ling is smile at him!

My mother said that this girl is very clever as she knows that we are taking photograph for her!
There is one night, after we attending TP’s wedding dinner. She’s wearing dress on that day, to keep a good memory for baby Yan Ling, I immediately inform daddy Yan Ling to take photograph for her.

She is laughing at him with a very sweet smiling! I’ve snap about 14 pcs of photograph that night! That’s give us a purpose to buy Canon 450D camera.

What a clever little girl!

Running With Walker

Outdated Post @ 3 October 2008

Lately, baby Yan Ling is pro in running with her 2nd hand walker.

Previously, she doesn’t like to sit there because she doesn’t know how to make use of this walker.

There is one night, after we send baby Yan Ling back to Ampang, I let baby Yan Ling to perform and make use of this walker at her own.

I realized that she can run and even walk to the direction she wants. She can running very fast with her stong legs, I immediately record it with my handphone and mms it to daddy Yan Ling.
The way she run with her walker is similar to ice-skating or roller skates. She know how to stop it and reverse her direction very well!

Very well done to my little girl! This is her improvement during her 6 months 1 week and 5 days old.


Outdated Post @ 3 October 2008
Before baby Yan Ling says a-ba-ba, she know a-pu-ba…

We are curious and guess what does it means?!

There is one day, uncle Yan Ling bring us to Carrefour, whild we are looking around in the market, she’s saying a-pu-ba…

And suddenly, she’s shouted loudly with a-pu-ba! We just laugh at her and asking her what does it means?!

Until now, she will say a-pu-ba when she’s playing her rattle and sometimes she will use a-pu-ba to reply us…


Outdated Post @ 3 October 2008
Baby Yan Ling likes to say a-ba-ba since yesterday. This is so funny and she will say this a-ba-ba when she looks at daddy Yan Ling.
Daddy Yan Ling immediately record down through his handphone. We thought that a-ba-ba means baba (daddy — 爸爸), may be yes or may be no.

I heard from my sister that she know a-ba-ba since Wednesday, 1 October 2008 after we depart to Melaka. She loves to say a-ba-ba with Wen Kai, and may Wen Kai is the one who teach her?!

Not bad, at least my little girl know one more ‘words’ before she is seven months old!

mmmm ma

Outdated Post @ 20 September 2008
Recently, we realized that baby Yan Ling loves to talk: mmmm maaa!

We are scratching our head and think what does this mmmm maaa means. Sometimes, she will even talk a baa, a maa, we thought that baby Yan Ling wants to call daddy and mummy.

Pretty funny!

6 Months Growth

Outdated Post @ 16 September 2008

As of Monday, 15 September 2008, baby Yan Ling is 6.66kg now!

We sent baby Yan Ling to clinic to check on her body rashes yesterday, Dr Khoo said no injection today, so baby Yan Ling have to delay her 6 months injection yesterday!

What to do, she’s still not feeling well, if Dr Khoo agreed to give her an injection, sure I will scold the Dr, luckily he is not!

This is the first time we got to delay her injection!

Sick Baby II

Outdated Post @ 16 September 2008

Mid Autumn Festival just over, but I’ve no mood to celebrate at all! Baby Yan Ling still sick — body rashes!

Dr Khoo advised that it will took at least 5 days to recover, which means that she can recover only on Wednesday (started on last Saturday).
Pitty my baby Yan Ling lah!

Sick Baby

Outdated Post @ 12 September 2008
Yan Ling was recovered fever last 2 weeks, however, she was fever again on Wednesday evening, my mother immediately feed her with the medicine.

At Wednesday midnight, around 2.00am, I noticed that she’s fever again!

OMG, I was so worried at that time, after feeding her 5Oz of milk, she falls a sleep coz she’s very very tired, I guess! Therefore, I’m not planning to feed her any medicine… (Am I wrong for not giving her medicine?)

Yesterday after I reached home, she’s still having a bit ‘hot’ at her forehead, I was damn worried! After my mom fed her medicine around 6pm, she feel a bit ’semangat’, after fed her milk, she falls a sleep from 7.30pm until 1.48am midnight!

N you know, she’s 38.4C! OMG, I immediately ask my mom to feed her medicine immediately, can’t wait anymore althought she’s sleeping at that time!

My mom keep on asking me to monitor her fever, Nick also asking me to monitor her until tomorrow morning!

While I checked baby Yan Ling with digital thermometer this morning, she’s around 37.6C, lower down a bit compare to midnight!

Nick called this morning and telling me that tomorrow have to bring her to clinic coz he really worried that she ‘kena’ nyamuk denggi (denggi fever)!

I was damn worried now and hope she can recovering soon!!!!!

Pray for her…

P/S: Baby Yan Ling woke up at 5.00am, I was damn tired as well as my mom!


Frankly, I loves branded handbag or dressing all the while!

But, I’m not willing to spend much money in buying all the branded accessories at all!

I’ve get to know there are 1 website - are selling the branded bags / leather, etc. in a retail price and even in wholesale basis.

You can check it out from this website if you are interested!

Sick Baby

Outdated Post @ 28 August 2008

Yan Ling was sick since yesterday morning, she is fever, cough and a little bit of flu!

She can’t sleep well at all yesterday night until this morning, we got no choice but to bring her to see Dr Khoo this afternoon before 2pm.

Her weight: 6.58 (increase not much)
Her height: forgot
Her head circumference: forgot

Among the above three (3) records, Dr Khoo said there is some improvement and her lungs are ok.

Therefore, Dr Khoo given her 4 medicines for her fever, cough, cold, throat and phlegm.

After we reach home at 2pm, mother feed her with the medicines, she’s quite tired and she’s having her nap at 3.30pm after drinking her 2.5Oz of milk and 2Oz of Millennium.

She’s wake up at around 7.38pm which shows that she is very very tired!

Pitty baby Yan Ling! Hopes she will recovering soon!

Reduced Weight

Outdated Post @ 21 August 2008
I’ve checked my weight last week, my weight is 52kg, compare to my last weightage is reduce 1kg!

I’m very happy with this result, at least I’ve reduce 1kg, as long as there are some result, I will still carry on with my mission!


My Weight

Outdated Post @ 21 August 2008
My weight is 61kg during my 10 months pregnancy, I have gain around 13kg!

After my 1 month confinement, I’ve do my check up at Britannia Hospital, my weight was 53kg, I was shocked! Frankly, my weight is 45-48kg before my pregnancy, my weight never reach at 50kg!

I’ve been trying my best to reduce my weight, I’m using the ‘bengkung’ given my Ida, Hot Gel given by Kit, doing some simple exercise or ‘Yoga’ and even eat less!

I there any other idea for me to get my body slim as last time? My target is 48kg! I need to reduce 5kg, god, 5kg, this is not easy!


I’m looking for a website which covered baby clothes, strollers, toys and gifts, etc. for seaching some baby products easily.

I think mothercare is an example, its covered maternity, pushchairs, nursery, carseats, clothing, bathing, feeding, safety, toys and gifts as well as checklist for parents.

This online shop will makes much of convenience for working parents who are very busy in their works.

Christian Name

Outdated post @ 19 August 2008

All this while I was headached with baby Yan Ling’s Christian name..

A month ago, my colleague, Eamy recommended a few Christian name for me which is matching to baby Yan Ling’s Chinese name…

Her recommendation are:
  • Yvannie
  • Yannie
  • Veni
However, from the above three (3) I have considered for two (2) which it sounds nice…
  • Yvannie and
  • Veni

But, Veni is also one of my colleague’s name but she is an Indian, I’m worried that this name sounds like Tamil, therefore, I got no choice but to reject this name - - Veni.

Finally, I have make a decision to call baby Yan Ling as — Yvannie…

Nice name right?


Outdated Post @ 4 August 2008
Kam Lai called me last Friday to get my cousin sister’s website!

She wants to read her blog bout her Japan trip!

Initially, she told me last week that she plans to visit Japan this year and inviting me to join her as well! But, since Nick managed to get his incentive trip last month, I have to save more money for currency exchange and spending expenses!

But I didn’t inform her that Im going to Switzerland!

Lastly, I also told her that my friend, Sun Laushi is staying at Japan, may be she can help us in some travelling arrangement as well as accommodation. Of course, If I’m going to Japan with her, I will be contacting Sun Laushi for these arrangement, but I don’t think so I can!


Outdated Post @ 1 August 2008

This morning, Nick told me that he managed to get 2 seats for this recent incentive trip — Switzerland!


I can go Switzerland with Nick on October 2008, there are only 2 months to go, what a wonderful trip!

We no need to pay a token for this trip cost around RM7,000.00! This trip inclusive of flight, food and accommodation. Further more, we may get some token as a petty cash or bonus for everyone of us!

Can you imagine!

Which company will do this?

Only E-Excel is doing so!!! Why? Two years ago I managed to go Shanghai with Nick also and we managed to get paid RM50.00 as a bonus!

I’m really anticipate for this travel…

Japan Trip

I really fall in love to Japan!

I really fall in love to DisneyLand / DisneySea!

Frankly, I really loves Japan all the while! I likes the environment, people, places and etc.

I’ve start to do my own research through internet and thought to buy travel magazines (but its too expensive)!

Here comes my own research!
Save money - I would like to bring my baby Yan Ling to go as well!
  1. Check / Monitor through currency converter.
  2. Surf Internet i.e. DisneyLand / DisneySea, checking on their entrance ticket, accommodation, etc.
  3. Travel guide website i.e. Japan Travel Information.
  4. Save money as well!
  5. Discuss with daddy Yan Ling, so that he can join us!
  6. Save money as well!
  7. Draft Tour Program.

There are a lot of arrangement neeed to plan, so I got to refer to my cousin sister, do I need to? Since 1 of my sister plan to go Japan as well, I think I will refer to her to plan together!

Sun Laushi

Surprisingly, one of my primary classmates - Sun Laushi was married to a Japanese.
I get to know from her profile and her blog ~~ 日本へお嫁に来ちゃった!! 我居然嫁到日本来了.
Wow, what a wonderful girl whom can live in Tokyo Japan, speak and write Japanese very well!
Frankly, I’ve learnt Japanese language few years since Junior 1. But, I really can’t remember all the words / senteses very well, everything been return back to my teacher!
Besides, there is one friend / primary school classmates of mine also can speak Japanese very well!


Outdated Post @ 28 July 2008

OMG, I really headache to myself….

Why? The reasons being ~~

I got to get slim as last year before I pregnant!

Year 2007
My weight: 45 - 48kg
My height: 5′2″

Now ~~ March 2008 after delivered
My weight: 53kg with a big tummy!
My height: same
Difference: 5kg

SOS! Who can give me any suggestions to slim back??!!!

Don’t ask me to join Mariefrance coz I got no money!

People always tell me that my tummy will ‘disappeared’ in 6 months, worst ONE (1) YEAR!!!!
Gosh! Is it true?!

Dont you know that I got to buy a lot of new clothes, new pants as my buttocks is so ‘BIG’!

E-Excel Event

Outdated Post @ 28 July 2008
Last Sunday, we attend E-Excel Event so called: 品尝会 at Flamingo Hotel Ampang.

Nick also decided to bring baby Yan Ling to attend as well. Of course, I have to fast fast take bath for her, packed all her ‘barang’ into her bag…

When we reach Flamingo Hotel, is around 12.30pm coz daddy Yan Ling said he wants to reach there before 1pm. Before the hall entrance, the air cond is so cold, im start worried to baby Yan Ling as I have left her bag at the car!

Luckily Christine Leong bring her sweather, however, Christine Leong feels very cold as well! At the same time, baby Yan Ling feel sleepy, I got no choice but have to carry her outside the lobby. Unfortunately, daddy Yan Ling doesn’t took any picture for us that day!

It seems that baby Yan Ling is very behave herself as she knows that we are attending to a function, everybody is looking at her (may be), daddy Yan Ling is busy in attending to the company’s staff as well as his friend.

I really feel proud of her… why?

Most of the guests likes to look at her, wants to carry her, says that she looks cute with 2 big round eyes, etc.
Haha, I have to say thank you to the god that given to me a very cutie baby girl…

That is Yan Ling, my 4 months old baby girl!

Naked Yan Ling

Outdated Post @ 15 July 2008

Baby Yan Ling is bogel on 11 July 2008 after she took bath lah!!!!

Don't She looks cute?

Group - S P Setia Staff Gathering

Outdated Post @ 8 July 2008

Today, Im brave enough to create a ‘Group’ at which I called it as S P SETIA STAFF GATHERING.

I also dont know why I want to create this group?! May be there are too many staff resigned lately whereby we hard to contact each other; I think this is the only way to let us gets together in future and to lets everyone of us to be keep in touch always!

Since this group is still new, therefore, there’s nothing much to view and I hope that I can be able to form a Committee for this special group, so that we can post some news into it!

At the sametime, I’ve open this group for public means that this group is not only for S P Setia staff, but Im welcome everyone of you who are interested can join us!


Our New Car

Outdated Post @ 8 July 2008
Today at around 4.30pm, hubby called me that he just get his new car - BMW 318i (dont know what is the model), 2,000cc, car reg. no. WRM 6022 from James (the car saler) and he is on the way to pick me…

Wow, Im very surprise with it and awaiting him to drive this car to the office!

OMG, he is almost near to the corner, I keep on remind him not to stop his car in front of my office but to park further coz I dont want my colleague to know about it.

Why? I am worried that people will thought since the hubby is so rich, driving BMW somemore, what for Im still need to work? Even, due to the economy status today, fuel price been increased, we shouldn’t buy this kind of so called ‘big’ car today coz the price is not cheap — around RM145,000.00!

What to do, since hubby said that we still can afford to pay the installment as the income from E-Excel is not bad, this is the commitment and final, we managed to drive our dream car at the age of 31 years old!

Hurray! We got our new car, our dream car — BMW!!!

Yes, we are not dreaming, but our dream is coming true to us….

Our Car

Outdated Post @ 7 July 2008


This is the first car we bought on year 2001, I think!
Model: Perodua Kancil 850, WJD 8485

This is our existing car bought on year 2005, March till present!
Model: Perodua Kelisa 1000, WMR 9937


3rd car which we just ordered year 2008, July
Model: BMW, don’t know what model, don’t know what is the car registered no.


Outdated Post @ 7 July 2008
Last Sunday 29 June 2008, we went to Syarikat Rahman Brothers Motor Sdn Bhd to test drive his new car, BMW.

BMW or BMX? Dear, are you kidding? I know your dream car is BMW, but please dont joke with me, ok?

Yes, we have test drived that car and we have paid some downpayment to this re-con car seller that day itself.

Finally, James helping us to arange on the bank loan, PUSPAKOM car testing, some rectification works i.e. replace all tyres, repainting of the car, skin the rim, vacuum and etc. And of course, we have to make another downpayment on Thursday, 3 July 2008.

Today, Nick told me that he can get his car may be tomorrow since all the cheques we issued earlier have cleared on the 3 & 4 July 2008 respectively.

Frankly, we are still awaiting James to give us a ring on the car collection. Hope that we can get this car tomorrow!


Outdated Post @ 6 July 2008
We have meet up with Ms Chen and Ms Lai today at Oldtown, Water Front…

Suddenly, I heard Nick said that he managed to fight for this round incentive trip to Switzerland, he still need to get his sales volume up to his target end of this month. According to him, he will be able to get this incentive trip.

I think he will go to Switzerland alone with all his downlines, sidelines and of course without me, therefore, I got to stay home loh!

Gift Voucher

Outdated Post @ 6 July 2008
I managed to search some free gift or voucher for baby Yan Ling, however I’m unable to redeem it, why?

All these vouchers are from, solely for the residents at US, but, if I’m request Lam Lam to collect it, do you think that she can help me to redeem and send it over to me?

I have to ‘nudge’ her tomorrow morning… hehehe…

Lam Lam, hope you can help me lah!

About My Baby's Name

Outdated Post @ 4 July 2008
I’ve looked for the meaning of my baby girl’s name — YAN LING just now…

Here are the brief summary:


Yan has given you a very practical, hard-working, systematic nature. Your interests are focused on technical, mechanical, and scientific things, rather than interests of an artistic, musical, or social nature. You have a rather skeptical outlook on life and rather materialistic standards. In reaching your goals, you are very independent and resourceful, patient and determined. You can be so very positive and definite in your own ideas and opinions that others sense a lack of tact and friendliness in your manner of expression.

Ling contains many fine qualities: musical and artistic ability, good business judgment, and a sense of responsibility for the welfare of others. This makes you warm-hearted and understanding in your response to the needs and interests of those around you. You are always ready to help those in less fortunate circumstances. Your insistence on becoming involved in the affairs of others can cause them to regard you as interfering, even though you are only trying to help. A weakness lies in the fact that you are deeply affected through your feeling for others and could suffer through worry and disturbed thoughts over matters that you can do nothing about.

What do you think?


Have you ever watch the movie Anaconda few years ago??

Base on the topic I given today is not talk bout the movie, but refers to my colleagues. Why?

First of all, I would like to explain herewith the actual meaning according to the Cambridge Dictionery.

“Anaconda” means as below:

  • noun a very large snake of the boa family, native to tropical South America.

However, I was given this special description to my colleagues which means that:

  • adjective (lazier, laziest) 1 unwilling to work or use energy. 2 showing or characterized by a lack of effort or care.

I guess, all of you is wondering why was this name been given to them?!

  • Managers are always not in the office to perform their job.
  • Managers are always expect all the staff to perform their work n the recognition will not to the subordinates but them!
  • Managers are always MIA (missing in action) suddenly during the office hour.
  • Managers are always given a very good explanation on their anaconda.
  • Managers are always given the instruction to the staff to do this and that!
  • Managers are always go to Yam Cha whenever they want.
  • Managers are always go to smoke outside the office for 1 hour. At the sametime, they can laughing loudly and talk whatever they want.

Dont you think that this is not fair to the staff?! They can just use their butt to sit at the office for few hours (by right should be from 9am to 5.15pm), or just telling the staff whatever story on their absentees and cabut to the other places to do their personal thing and finally get their full paid every month!

And our HOD are also blind, he’s also becomes like 1 eye opened, 1 eye closed (只眼开,只眼闭), never border to their work perform at all. May be our HOD trust them, we can’t say anything at all!

But during the performance appraisal time, the anaconda managers want to get high score, want to get high paid during the next increament period or bonus time.

When there is any surat layang received by the HOD, they are denying all the ‘actions’ they done before, somemore keep on asking the HOD who is writing this, and who is telling you this, bla bla bla bla…

Come on lah, dont you really think that our HOD is stupid?

I think I need to take their picture 1 day to show as a proof!

Admin Executive or Treasurer

Outdated Post @ 27 June 2008
Lately I been assigned officially to collect all the monies collected from the walk in customer to our office. Means that I need to issue Official Receipt effective June 2008.

My current position is Admin Executive not a Treasurer. Do you think this is logic that Admin Executive need to do the collection for all the walk in customers??? It can be explained unless in the absence of any of the Finance personnel, than I willing to do so… however, it is not but I have to do so…

The reason why this has been assigned to me is because of the fraud case happened in our Accounts Department last year! Our GIA people wants to avoid the fraud case happened again in the same department, but if let say, the embazzled of fund is done by me , than this GIA people will assigned different people again to do so… Dont you think that this is ridiculous?

This is not a correct action steps to be taken against on this but they shall think for another way to rectify it!

Like & Dislike

Outdated Post @ 27 June 2008

BB Yan Ling is going to 4 months soon, however, compare to last 3 months, she’s totally different now!
  • She likes turning her body whenever we laid her on the bed.
  • She likes to drink Millenium and honey.
  • She likes to smile when we called her “Yan Ling”.
  • She likes to chat with us with her baby language.
  • She likes to listen to the song.
  • She likes to watch tv.
  • She likes to cry if she’s sleepy. She will be crying like no tomorrow, cried non stop until she’s tired and she will get asleep herself.
  • she likes sarong as well instead of our bed, she likes both.
  • She likes to look at the fan / ceiling fan turning.
  • She likes to look at the lights.
  • She likes to lick her fingers similarly after we finished KFC ~~ finger licking good!
  • She likes to hold handkerchief and her small toys.
  • She likes to look at the toys with sound.
  • She likes to hold her pacifier like playing her toys.

Below are her dislike:

  • She dont want to drink water since 3 days old until now… OMG, Im really very headache on training her to drink more water.
  • She dont want us to hold her hands while she’s concentrate on something.
  • She dont want us to hug hug her when she’s tired.
  • She dont want us to disturb her when she’s sleepy.
  • She dont want to pee on the diaper at all unless she’s sleeping. I managed to save a lot of money to buy pampers for her.

We need to send her for vaccination next Monday ~ 7 July 2008.

Turning The Body

Outdated Post @ 27 June 2008

At last, bb Yan Ling knows turning her body without our assistant….

She knows how to turning her body fastly, and she likes this also. When we call her ‘Yan Ling’, she will look at us and show us her smiling face…

Look at all the photos above, it seems that she’s very happy with after she managed to turn her body successfully….

Small Accident!

Outdated Blog @ 27 June 2008
When I reached work after work on Wednesday, I thought want to cut bb Yan Ling's nail since I'm free at that time.

So my butt was itchy and immediately take a nail cutter to cut her finger nail... after right hand, immediately proceed to left hand...

Suddenly bb Yan Ling is crying with eye tears... than only realize that Im not cutting her finger nail but her 'skin', it's start bleeding...

After hug hug bb Yan Ling, she has stop crying, luckily she's crying for a while, or else....
I really feel very sorry to bb Yan Ling as I very 'xian ka', I shouldn't cut her finger nail without someone next to me....

This is not the first time kena her skin but the first time was done by my uncle, he accidentally cut her skin also, unfortunately and I'm doing the same mistake again!

Please forgive me, bb Yan Ling, mummy will not do this again but to ask daddy to help up, ok???


What is PayPal?

We can use PayPal to send and received money worldwide? Can't believe it? Please log in to immediately to check on it!

With PayPal, we can purchase any stuff you like worldwide, such as fashion, baby toys, etc. through E-Bay and whatsoever website.

I'm still thinking whether to apply or not?! Can it be trusted and secured?

But, if I would like to join the PPP, the first priority to get money is to apply a PayPal! Which means that I still need to apply for it anyway.

I may need to take 1 more day to read through the terms as well as their FAQ, just give me sometime to understand it, may be I will update you guys after I applied it!


Get to know this PPP from a few bloggers, but I would like to have a try to earn extra money.
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May be, if I really look at the money (chinese always said: 睇钱份上), for sure I will spend much more time to do it??
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