Saturday, August 22, 2009

my new hair style

Finally, I have cut my hair short... this is my new hair style... looks like ah biao right?

I have been keeping a long hair after I graduated from KC Girls School, guess for almost 10 years!

Yeah, I have decided to cut my hair short due to some accident happened while I perm my hair yesterday evening... my hair was all damaged and luckily I was perming half of my hair, else I have to bald my hair.

It is also good to cut it short, I feel more comfort for keeping a short hair.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Congratulation to those Slimming Contest Top 10 winners...

One of them is my SIL, Moon who has reducing 6.8kg within a month by consuming E-Excel Product, 1 Shape. Below is her weight within a month:

Before: 72.9kg
After: 66.1kg

And of course, the champion has doing very well who has reducing 11.0kg within a month!!!

You will be scratching your head the way they reducing their weight:

Step 1: Consuming 1-Shape (2 packages per bottle) before lunch and dinner.

Step 2: Do not eat oily and /or high calories food, i.e. red meat, cake, burger, etc.

Step 3: Do exercise to burn calories.

Sounds simple right?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'll be shifting office soon...

My boss called me to start work on next Monday, means that I have to start packing today and finished by Friday!!!!

Gosh, I'm so headache to think of which are the files to bring over... I'm not shifting my own work station but my boss as well!!!!

Tell you, I hate shifting...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Her assignment...

This is Yvannie's assignment.
By looking at all the photos here, you would know how concentrate she is.

stick on palm

Before stick on the album, should stick on my palm!

Happy 17th Months

mum mum...

She is sitting on the sofa and feeding her bear... so cute and lovely!

How ugly she is???
Don't know why she is showing me this face...
she is giving her bear a bottle of drink...

Clearing and tidy up her school bag. I keep her board books at the bag and she will take all the books out and read everyday or night.

Look at the back, that is her favourite playing area... especially the tilam...
and showing to you all the mess done by her...

She loves to wear shoes and telling us: xie zi 鞋子...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Grandmother Happiness

Am I right to put this sentence up to this picture?

…… it was meant to be
~ Grandmother happiness
~ 3 Generations taking photos together

This is not the only photos taken together with Yvannie and grandmother... but I love this photo very much...

Look at my grandmother, she is so happy at that time while we bring baby to visit her on 25 May 2008. Grandmother loves baby and kids very much, she is quite worried that baby Yvannie doesn’t like her, but she is letting my grandmother to carry her for more than 20 minutes, and grandmother never complaint to me that she is tired with her!

Sad to say that grandmother leave us on 25 July 2009… We, include Yvannie are next to her that night until she left! T_T

Her just wake up look

On 28 June 2009 @ 19.54pm, this is her 'JUST WAKE UP LOOK'!
Look at her eyes, don't you think that her eyes look like 'GOLD FISH'?
After the noon nap, shouldn't said noon nap but 'evening' nap time, she is playing her 'First Laptop' we grab at Jaya Jusco few months ago, it is only cost us RM20.00... where to buy such a cheap laptop for baby / toddler? hahaha...

my little naughty gal

Look at her, how naughty she is?????

On the 2 July 2009 @ 20.38pm, She can 'terbalik' the potty and sit on it!!!!! *fainted*

Created her own history that night, I can said that she is quite 'clever' and 'smart', as she can do it on her own!