Friday, March 27, 2009

柑 or 金

一 桶 柑 / 一 碗 柑?
Hope money money come...
(During Chinese New Year, Mandarin orange means gold = money?!)

We always welcome you ~ MONEY!

"bird bird"

MIL bought this parrot from Penang last year, obviously baby Yvannie loves this parrat very much. She will know to touch it and let it sing automatically... than she will smile and laugh at this parrot!

Therefore, she learnt to know that this parrot is called "bird bird".

Unfortunately, something happened to this parrot.

There is one day, baby Yvannie is holding this parrot and don't know what makes her put the attention on it wings, she tear both the wings off!

Kit and daddy did make an efforts to fix it back but failed!

This parrot is gone don't know where they put and if I not mistaken, I've promised to buy her a new bird. Until now, I didn't!

they look alike?

Left: My sister, Guan
Right: My bro's daughter, Ah 3

Left: My bro's daughter, Ah 4
Right: Me

Both of the cute little girls are my brother's daughter, but would like to apologize that I can't recall their name!

If people don't know, for sure will said they are twins. Actually, they are not, they are just 1 year gap, but unfortunately I seldom meet them up.... erm... said 1 year once?

Gosh, they grow up very fast and they changed a lot, i.e. pretty and cute...

These 2 photos taken on Chinese New Year day 2, when I reach my mom's house, immediately ask hubby to take photos for us, and my bro is carrying my baby Yvannie when he first see her!

Hope that I can see them oftenly and they can recognized me when they grow up!







she came

Linda Onn, previous DJ at Era.Fm came to our office for VP. You know, all of us are so excited to see her and gossiping around.
Today, she came with her 'boy friend', the mat-salleh who attending Mahwi's wedding with her; Intan, Linda's sister and her parents. My colleague, Rohani told us that she is not that arrogant as last week, but joking and smiling with them. May be her boy friend is around, who knows?!

She is in casual wear, T-shirt with jeans, some make up and tied up her hair, a very friendly lady looking. Overall, she is a beautiful girl. Reached our office on time and completed the whole handing over process for almost an hour than only proceed to her unit for inspection.

According to my Malay colleague, she is not popular as last time after she worked with the 'orang tua' radio, Don't know true or not?

Anyway, managed to find her blog page just now, lots of pic to view, feel free to read!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Favourite Perfumes

Most of the girls will be using their favourite perfume during work, dinner as well as party time... Even myself will be using my favourite perfume while attending a very important event or function.

I would prefer a kind of very fresh fragrance such as fruits, naturally extracted from apple will be my first priority. Else vanilla can be my second choice, I will love to use this perfume for outing.

In fact, I plan to approach hubby to buy me a Estee Lauder Sensuous, the first ever "woody amber". This product was launched in US since 2008, but will launch in Asia in 2009, hope that he can get me this perfume as my birthday present. :-P

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hand & Foot Print

left hand...

left feet...

A photo session

Photos taken before Chinese New Year @ Meru on 25 January 2009.
Look at this picture, baby Yvannie is so angry!
I also don't know what makes her angry that night?

She looks better than the earlier photo...

Ms Ng (little girl stand next to baby Yvannie) is holding her hand! But she is still not smiling??

She doesn't want Ms Ng holding her hand?!

At last, she is still cannot relax herself, trying very hard to escape from this photo session!

is she cute?

She is not my daughter, but hubby's friend's daughter (forgotten her name, she told me before, but so sorry, jie jie really can't recall back!).

A 2 years old girl, a very small size toddler, with sweet smiling everyday, can talk, sing and dance well! Tell you, she can remember 三字经!

You know, she called me jie jie (姐姐) when I was with baby Yvannie at the shop before Chinese New Year! I was so happy after she calling me this! hahaha... Her mother immediately ask to call me as aunty but I was ignored it and said "I would like her calling me as jie jie than aunty!"

Don't you think jie jie is younger than aunty? I was always prefer people like kids called me jie jie! (tak malu right?!)
She loves to take photo, she can pose well in front of the camera (nobody is teaching her that night), she always wanted my hubby to take photo for her (she knows that hubby is carrying D80), else will ask me to help!

Not only I loves to meet her but hubby also loves her very much, he will update me her story after meeting up with this little cute pie!


Read and write blogs has become part of my job, not stated in my job description but added in my own!
Blogging has become a new trend in Malaysia, some will take this opportunity to blog on their kids story, their food menus, bakery, bento-ing as well as own diaries.
For me, the purposes to blog is to recall back my memories when I'm getting older and to let baby Yvannie to read when she's growing up i.e. 12 years old?! (erm... not too sure, as long as she can read will do!)
Anyway, do spend some time to blog your own story, after you start blogging, you will addicted into it...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Attention to all the dog lover, an adoption drive this weekend as picture shown below:

You may check further at this website:

Jokes of the day

Received herewith the jokes of the day!

Have fun and wish you guys happy after reading!




他不放心的問道: 「turn left?」






一日上街不慎与一老外相撞,忙說:「I am sorry.」

老外應道:「I am sorry too.」

某人又道:「I am sorry three.」

老外不解,問:「what are you sorry for?」

某人無奈,道:「I am sorry five. 」



該男思之久已,毅然下筆:「once a week。」

簽證官觀后暴笑,曰:「 this item should be filled in with male or female.」


官楞之,曰:「 u shouldn't it be male? 」

男急釋曰:「I am a normal man, so I have sex with female.」



老闆在公文後面短短簽下:「Go a head! 」






經理:「老闆不是批 go a head 嗎?」




正巧一位又高又壯又黑的男服務員朝她走過來。就用英語問他:「for Girl or Boy?」


她聽成「You need sex 」 ,豈不是性騷擾?


黑服務員見狀,一個字母一個字母地解釋:「 U – N – I – SEX!」

這次她聽的很清楚「You and I Sex」,








計程車司機問道:「Where do you want to go, Sir?」

老兄不知道自由女神像英文稱為「 Statue of Liberty 」,他想自由應該是FREE,女神大概是WOMAN。

於是回答司機「FREE WOMAN!」

司機聽成'免費的女人' ,馬上道:「What? Oh!Hey man,Here is America, nothing is free!」 (什麼?喂!老兄,這裡是美國,樣樣都要花錢,沒有免費的玩意兒!)

老兄:「 Oh! How come! I read it from yellow page. See, here is the phone number, [sex-sex-sex-two-sex-one-free..]

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Favourite toy

Look, she is pressing....

Her favourite toy, daddy's handphone and my handphone! =="

Supposingly not to give her to play with it, but he will grab our handphone on our bed frame as she know that we will put our handphone next to it!

But after she bored with it, she will throw our handphone on the bed or on the floor (T_T)".

Yes, exactly on the floor!

Therefore, my handphone become a bit short-short (error occurred), will switch off suddenly or hang for a few second and to restart my phone back.

Hubby ask me to buy a new phone but, I'm not going to replace a new phone as I don't want my new phone to become a victim!

her birthday cake

Left: Snoopy stand on top of the cake.
Right: The shopper said its tiramisu flavour.

We bought 2 birthday cakes for her birthday celebration, however, it's nice to see, but.........
to tell you frankly, I never tried any of it!
Heard from hubby that both the cakes are not tasty at all!
Wasted his sweat blood money!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Christine Leong


baby's love...

Sometimes, she will put her face into Sin Chan's face,
means that she loves Sin Chan,
sayang Sin Chan...
Sometimes, she love to carry Sin Chan along...

Is she cute?

Help needed!

Help needed!
Can you notice that Sin Chan's eyebrow and mouth is missing?

Desperate to Money??

Am I desperate to money?
Yes, I desperate to money everyday and night!!! This is not a joke, in fact, this is a truth!
Since the economy turn down, I'm trying very hard to look for other opportunity to earn some extra money. But, till now, unable to know and get a better way to get this so called "money" for myself and family!
Anyway, I will still maintain my existing job and will still looking forward to earn extra money to improve our life style!

She is 1 year old oredi!

pI totally forgot to update her development!

Same as usual but with 6 Oz of Friso Gold step 3 milk every 2.5 to 3 hoursly! She can eat a little bit of rice mix with soup and seldom eat portridge, even can't finished 1 small bowl of rice / portridge!

She cannot walk at the moment but can stand alone for a few second, may be she knows that she will falls down! She can craw very fast to the place she want to go, especially she wanted to press on the TV's buttom, pressing on the TV cabinet glass door, switching on the wall plug and fan (the most dangerous), touching here and there! Therefore, we need to put a lot of attention to the place she want to go! Besides, she loves to climb on the staircases and crawl to our bedroom.

Also, she loves dancing especially while daddy is singing. She will move her body when listening to music she loves. Lately she is learning a kids song - 客人来! She will say "爸爸" slowly when we want to sing on that lyric... funny!

I realized that she will sleep very late at night i.e. around 11.30pm as she wanted to play around on the bed, touching here and there, rolling left to right, front to back until tired. Gosh, I will fall asleep early than her every night!

BTW, she will raised up her right hand when meeting up with uncle Francis or my brother to say "Hello"! Called po3 po4 when she is coming back from night time exercise! At the same time, she will replying her po3 po4 with "Hah" when po3 po4 is calling her "Yan Ling".

Done her 1 year old check up and Measles / Mumps / Rubella injection on 10 March 2009.

Weight: 8.87kg
Length: 75.5cm
Head Circumference: 44.5cm

Dr Khoo said overall her growth chart is acceptable, next appointment will be on April 2009 for her chicken pox injection.

She can scream and sing well whenever she's happy .

She can called ba3 ba4 (daddy), po3 po4 (grandmother), jie3 jie4 (sister), ma3 ma4 or even mi3 mi4 (me -- mummy), baby, bear bear, mei mei (beautiful), bird bird, ji ji (chicken), woo (dog), mi4 with long tone (cat) and her own baby language, sounds like tamil or korean...

Anyway, she is brighten our life everyday...

Happy 1st Birthday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tagging friends

你有被朋友如此 tag 过吗???

上星期倚卉tagged我是消息散播员,真的是很想知道她从那一方面如何认为我是,但是我也没有特地去问她,真要打算继续放在 facebook 上,由我来 tag 人。


















只 用 了 4 4 個 字 , 就 把 人 生 講 完 了 ...
所 以 人 與 人 , 有 啥 好 計 較 的 咧 ?

1 歲 時 出場亮相
10 歲 時 功課至上
20 歲 時 春心盪漾
30 歲 時 職場對抗
40 歲 時 身材發胖
50 歲 時 打打麻將
60 歲 時 老當益壯
70 歲 時 常常健忘
80 歲 時 搖搖晃晃
90 歲 時 迷失方向
100 歲 時 掛在牆上


Super Duper Laziest Guy!

You know, my office here got a lot of super duper laziest guy!

  • He is useless...
  • He is the most laziest...
  • He is not doing his job but 'tai chi' to the staff...
  • He is suka suka missing from the office...
  • He is suka suka telling their staff that he's going to our HQ, etc...
  • He is suka suka holding people's claim...
  • He is suka suka created and submit his own claim...
  • He is suka suka do what ever he like...
  • He is irresponsible!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, how can you ask for your lunch claim since you are not turn up to the office? Please finished your work at your own before you ask for your money!!! You are definitely not worth with to receive such a claim!!!!

Do you know what is 'embrass' stands for?

How can we make him disappeared from the office?

Don't spoiled our mood everyday please!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Switzerland again?

How good if I can go Switzerland again?!
Back from Switzerland almost 4 months, my mind are still remember all the nice scenary at Switzerland, Jungfrau, Gruyere, etc.
Frankly, I never believed that I can go Switzerland in my life time, but myself and hubby went there and we did enjoyed the whole trip! Especially that this trip is totally FOC, without paying any one cents, except the watch we bought!
Tell you, I feel that I'm still there when I look back all the photos taken.

Kiddo's World?

I feel very upsad on last Friday. Myself and hubby have bring baby Yvannie along to Sunway Pyramid, Orange Zone to attend 'Kiddo's World'.
Initially, I thought that 'Kiddo's World' is a show time for kids... but this it not! There are a few booth selling baby / kids stuff, i.e. toys, clothes, etc.... but they are not provided with a stage for performance! None!
Hubby start impatient and keep on asking me when and where is the function held. Finally, we walk back to the Orange Zone by 6pm to watch their 'Click A Photo With Bear' session. Gosh, there are only one bear mascot standing at their booth and waving his hand with the kids. Just that simple...
I carry baby Yvannie to the mascot and she doesn't scare of him. She is touching the hair and try to take his eye (sticker) out! The sales girl told me that baby Yvannie love the bear very much... Yes, its true, she loves bear very very much! That's why, daddy bought her a brown bear (choose by baby as well) as her birthday present last week.
That is the reason why myself and hubby purposely take half day off on last Friday to attend their beary show!!! But it makes me and hubby disappointed that day!


Yeah.... Finally, my taskbar was resolved by Terry just now!
He had just brought along his thumb drive and simply click on his 'fix taskbar' folder and get my taskbar resolved...
How that simple...
According to them, he is using one of his pc to do some testing before he created 'fix taskbar' folder! How initiative he is....
Anyway, thank you lah, Terry!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Can resolve?

Yeah..... Terry just told me that he find a solution to rectify my taskbar problem.
His car breakdown, send to workshop early morning, unable to come over, got no choice but to rectify it only next week.
According to him, my pc was virus infection, unable my taskbar to work well! Finally, the virus scan done and destroyed all the virus out from my pc. He may need to do some 'touch up' to enable my taskbar back to normal!
Glad to hear from him this morning...

Happy Birthday again?

Yeah, Happy Birthday to Baby Yvannie again!

She is officially turns to 1 year old today, exactly today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It cause me to think back the whole process......... my before and after process!

My before are:

  • Big tummy for 10months...
  • Thrilling to my pregnancy...
  • My embryo growth chart...
  • Kicking and movement...
  • Backached & convulsions...
  • Suspected GESTATIONAL!
  • Glucose test and whatever bloodtest, scaring!
  • Im quite slim (before pregnant, around 45 - 48kg)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • etc. etc. etc......


  • Tummy is still maintaining... people thought that I'm still pregnant!
  • Tiring everyday...
  • Sleepy everyday...
  • Busy with baby everyday, luckily not twins, else...
  • Expenses increased... but income never increased...
  • 1 year free supply of diapers, bottles, pacifier, baby clothes, baby shoes, baby powder, wet tissues, etc... (thanks for the wonderful gifts brought for us during our full moon!). When body itchy, will go and buy some baby stuff, especially during sales!
  • Hardly plan for vacation...
  • Learning to be a good mother / parent... (joining motherhood club!)
  • Hardly to reduce weight... gaining...
  • etc. etc. etc.....

Last but not least,

  • She is brighten our day when she is laughing / smiling and whatever action she made.
  • She is making us worry when she is sick.
  • She is making us angry when she is naughty.
  • We are happy when she is calling us ba ba or ma ma or mi mi. She can called jie jie, po po, duck duck, ji ji, die die...
  • We are glad to see that she is learning rolling, sitting, standing, climbing...

With all the above, how can you leave her without bring her with you??? Therefore, hubby and I planning to bring her to Sunway this afternoon, Kiddo's World... this is an 'us' time to have another birthday celebration for baby!


Thursday, March 5, 2009






真的!!!!阿旺会珍惜你,阿旺会守护你, 阿旺会为你牺牲,阿旺会很疼爱你,等等。。。很多的优点能够从阿旺的身上看到; 相反的,你绝对不可能从一个正常人的身上得到这些,而且是万万不可能得到的!



最近爱上写部落格,用我仅有的,限量版的英文来写,相比一些部落格友的文章作比较,我写得就真的是差劲许多!可是啊,我还是一样脸皮厚,豁出去,写啊写。。。。。。 尽然写上瘾了,加上,最近我也实在是太得空了,利用工作的时间来‘创作’,哈哈哈。。。



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Taskbar

My taskbar is yet to resolve since yesterday.

Terry said he need some time to check! Gosh, means when to resolve? Is there any other idea to troubleshoot it?

Please HELP......

my next plan...

Lunch with ex-colleague just now...
He asked me 1 question:
"What is your plan now?"
"Huh? Did I told you my plan before?"

"Neh....... You want to set up a nursery right?"

"Oh ya.... KIV loh!"
"No money mah, dare not to start! Somemore don't know how to start!"
Yeah, no money... Got to look for a 'best' location before setting up! I've seen a lot of complaints on the disturbance of nursery at their housing area, i.e. jammed, nuisance, etc.
Friend, talk easy but difficult to ACT! There are a lot of things need to be think off!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what happened??

What happened to my PC's task bar????? All opened windows doesn't show there???
Who can troubleshoot for me?