Monday, November 23, 2009

no chicken?

It was happened last week morning before Rama came to my house.

My girl woke up very early lately, so before I proceed to work, I bring her for a short morning walk around our house. Previously my mother kept 2 chickens outside, normally when my girl walk by, she will said: ji ji / chicken / cock.

That morning, she said: “ji ji?” Where is the chicken?

Me: ji ji mei you liao 鸡鸡没有了. The chicken has gone.

YL: ji ji mei you liao a? 鸡鸡没有了啊 The chicken gone ar?

Me: shi lo, ji ji mei you liao loh! Ji ji bei ni chi liao lo! 是咯,鸡鸡没有了咯,鸡鸡被你吃了咯!yap, the chicken has gone, you ate the chicken.

Than, she keep on telling me: ji ji mei you liao…

Whenever we passing by, she will telling her po po that: ji ji mei you liao 鸡鸡没有了!

BTW, I teach her very simple English with error in grammar: No chicken.

And she also followed: No chicken. (hahaha, the mother teaching her the wrong English and she did absorb every fast!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Org Chart vs "Shit"

... Looks funny right? ...

Don't you agreed to the above posted org chart?

It will definitely happen in any company, i.e. small, medium or big company...

Politic here and there, gossiping he / she, etc.

Some "shit" for you and me to be settled!


Friday, November 13, 2009

busy checking, but...

Has been trying AA today, compare to last 2 days, today is better.

Why? I can check the dates easily without showing me the error, the page cannot display and so forth.

And yet, until now, I couldn't get any zero fares at all! Don't you think that I'm out of luck in having this so called "free" thingy?

The god never allowed me to grab this free ticket since Wednesday... Sigh!

primary school classmate reunion

Backdated Post

A friend of mine who is staying in Japan was back to M'sia for a short holiday, therefore she have arranged a gathering on the 15 August 2009 at KLCC, California Pizza Kitchen (cannot remember the correct name). Although she has been calling all our classmates to join but only a few of us attend.

There are only 6 of us, from left: me sitting with my girl in front, YuLS came back from Johor, Sam with fiance is going to get married on October. Centre: SoonLauShi (back from Japan) with the nephew, Right: Lilian and Swan.

In fact I’ve missed the previous gathering on May 2009, so without a thinker, I just confirm the appointment and rush to KLCC by 6pm. As you are aware, Saturday is a day with the terrible traffic jam, and I still remember that I need to attend family dinner at Saisaki by 7pm.

Gosh, we have been enjoying chatting among ourselves, sharing parenting story, dragging old stories, and so forth. Kit has been calling us numerous times in asking us to be there as early as possible before the food finished. So, after taking a few photos (basically are the same), I got no choice but got to say bye-bye with them. If I not mistaken, we reach Saisaki at around 8.30pm. Luckily the place is just so near, hubby just need to make a turn to park the car and continue eating.
What a busy night!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

free air ticket

Yoh.... upgrade the server please...

We are very much difficult to grab a free ticket since yesterday! After selecting our dates, for sure will showing us error lah, cannot find server lah! This and that... beh tahan!

Tell me, what is the best time to grab a free ticket?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

changed of header vs background?

Feel a bit bored with the existing background as well as the header of my blog.
Thought wanted to change but a bit worried that all my 'diaries' here will be missing!

Monday, November 9, 2009

daddy said

Daddy & Mommy said:

D: "After she born, there are a lot of restriction."

M: "Yes, we got no choice."

D: "Whatever we want to do, we have to first think of her."

Nodding my head.

D: "We cannot go to the places we like like last time. We can drive to the places without any preparation and planning..."

M: "Yeah, that is our 2 person world."

D: "I’m bit worried on our coming Langkawi trip, worried that she will suffering..."

(Think from the bottom of my heart: don’t you trying to cancel the trip, we have paid!)

D: “She got her own bassinet or not?”

M: “I think so, since we are paying her flight ticket.”

D: “Hope that she have, at least she can sit comfortably.”

(Frankly, I also don’t know whether she have her own bassinet or not, this is our first time flying with a toddler).

M: “Are we going KLIA with train?” (We are flight with MAS)

D: “No loh, ask Moon to send us straight to KLIA lah, since she is free.”

M: “Huh, do you think that she know the way there?”

D: “Yeah, think so, we can follow Putrajaya highway mah, since from here is so near.”

M: “in that case, ok lah… but we got to wake up early as the flight is in the morning around 10.00am.”

D: “can, than we go at 8am lah, need at least an hour to KLIA.”

M: “ok ok…”

This is our dialogue on last Saturday night. From the dialogue above, daddy is thinking too much!

happy 20-month-old

Erm... my girl is already 20-month-old!

I always tell her: You are a “big” good girl, not a small little baby; don't cry while you wake up from your afternoon nap! Don't look for mommy when you wake up early in the morning (6.30am today), mommy need to work, to buy nen-nen, to buy toys...

I hope that she can understand what I mean!

In fact, she have changed a lot compare to her baby time:

1. Cried when woke up from her afternoon nap.
2. Cried when she want nen-nen.
3. Cried when we refuse to give her something.
4. Cried when she doesn't want to eat porridge.
5. Cried when she want a pen to sketch in a piece of paper.

Everything "cried"... really beh tahan!

She loves to run, loves to jump as well as dancing when she is in happy mood. She always ask for a pen when she is in a mood in sketching.

“1, 2… 1, 2…”
“fa fa, fa fa”

This is the way she asking us to draw flower, chicken, bear, fish etc. Of course she can recognize what we drawn. She will be telling us this is so called “ji ji, bear, fish…” How if we doesn’t want to draw any for her?

“1, 2… 1, 2… / fa fa…” in a very loud tune. (Tell you, my ears are very painful after her yelling.)!

I noticed that she doesn’t like to wear pampers as well as cloth diaper, she will remove the tab on her own, she claim that her waist line is painful and at the same time she is touching on her “bao bei – vagina”… Embarrass or not? “slapping forehead”

“Cannot touch bao bei ar… shame shame, have to beng beng (hiding), will not painful after wearing diaper, ok?”

This is the only way I can tell her.

Worst part is she hate wearing pajamas (pants) during bedtime. I have to wear short pants for her until she is asleep in the midnight. Sigh!

She loves baby talk (don’t know what language) when she is holding books, cards, etc. I love to listen the way she talk, cute… I shall record it and show it to her when she grow up.

10 out of 10 aunty is telling me that my girl is not in ‘girlish’ look, but in a ‘boyish’ look. I totally agreed, her character is mostly like a boy, climb up here and there, jumping around, running around, a very hyper-active girl. People always telling me: “Don’t complaint!” Yes, I shouldn’t complaint but glad to have a girl like this.
Happy 20-month-old, sweetie!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

baby's talk

I'm teaching baby this...

Me: If you want milk milk, u should say: I want nen-nen...

(She is looking at me...)

Me: I want...

Baby: ...2

What on her mind is the numeric number: One... Two... (*pengsan*)