Wednesday, November 26, 2008

she's sick

Gosh, my little baby was sick since last week.

Pitty my little baby, she is having flu and cough. Bring her to the clinic on last Thursday, Dr Khoo has giving us 3 medicine to cure her cough, flu, phlegm and nose drop. However, she doesn't like all these...

She will cried and cried and cried; she can't sleep well at night, sometime in the afternoon, pitty her...

Don't know when will recover?


……….. moody moody moody moody ………..

……….. moody moody moody moody ………..

I’m so moody today after heard from my boss that my appraisal grade will be affected by the 2 laziest people…

He is also curious why my score is lower than these 2 guys? Does my score same as my last round appraisal?

I got no choice but to answer him with ‘Yes’ as I never make any changes in my appraisal last week. However, they have changed their score easily with an additional of 2 - 3 points compared to their last round appraisal.

  • People who never do their job properly can get their appraisal in a high score;
  • People who always missing in action can get their appraisal in a high score;
  • People who always passing their work around can get their appraisal in a high score;
  • People who always ‘delegating’ their work to the staff can get their appraisal in a high score;
  • People who always wanted to get themselves promote without doing their work also can get their appraisal in a high score;

The God got no eyes lah (天无眼吖)!

He also tell me that he will try his best to fight a better grade for me with the stingy big bosses later.

“Its ok lah, boss, I know u will take your effort to help me, I don’t mind with it, and somemore, you have help us a lot!”

“I will always fight for the staff, however…”

“You also cannot help yourself from the big bosses…”

“What to do… may be this is the last round I’m fighting for you all…”


“FYI, keep it to yourself, big big bosses announced that this year bonus will be reduced 50% , means we will not get a higher bonus this year, i.e. 6 months –> 3 months; 4 months –> 2 months, etc.!”

“Really? Than all of us will celebrate a poor new year loh!”

We just laugh together to finish the whole dialogue!

……….. moody moody moody moody ………..

……….. moody moody moody moody ………..

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lazy bug

Catherine just told me that once we reached 30 years old, its difficult to slim back!

Its true and I totally agreed with her...

  • At work, we just sit in front of our desk from 9am to 6pm daily except Saturday and Sunday...
  • At home, we just sit in front of the TV for few hours to watch the Astro...

What's more?

We just sit here and there without doing any exercise or Yoga...

Overall, something in our body, like the previous TVB's Drama -- 搜神传, the 好彩妹 is helping her friend to remove the lazy bug from the body. Afterall, he is hardworking and feel energetic with his works...

With the above story, we also needs to remove the same bug from our body expecially ME... there are too many lazy bugs with me...

I'm very lazy:

  • to do house work...
  • to complete my office work... (not always but sometimes)
  • to do exercise, even a simple exercise... (compare to last 2 years, I was very lazy to do exercise at home after I wake up!)
  • to blog my diary... don't know why? my brain not functioning well...
  • to upload baby Yan Ling's photo... there are a lots to upload, but...

Gosh, how to get ourselves slim????

Thursday, November 13, 2008

OMG! Fat stick on me again!

Sh*t, I've gained my weight after my trip to Switzerland!

I can't believe it!

While I reached office today, I realized something different as Rohani is keep on looking at me!

"Wong, serious cakap ni..."

"Apa benda?"

"Awak nampak kembung lah..."

"Huh......... mampus lah aku!"

"Betul, buntut engkau, pinggang dah nampak keluar lah!"


"Sekarang kena jaga badan lah, kalau x susah kurus balik!"

"Aku mengaku memang aku sudah gemuk, muka aku pun nampak bulat lah!"

"Pagi tadi masa aku jumpa engkau, sudah nampak lah, selepas awak balik dari overseas sudah jadi macam tu, awak makan apa benda?"

"............................ setiap hari kena makan cheese, pasta, steak, mesti gemuk lah!"

Of course I will gained my weight, after breakfast, lunch & dinner got to sit at the bus for almost 1 or 2 hours to reach the next destination, how to reduce weight without any 'exercise'?

While I look at all the photos yesterday, I already knows that I've gained my weight, I dare not to check my weitage at all!