Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 will be over

4 days to go, we will be welcoming year 2010...
You know, the office staff here is busying clearing the Annual Leave (includes myself), although the company has been announced that we can clear it by end of February 2010.
Since last Christmas Eve, I saw the parking in front of the Eco Tower is so empty, there are less than 10 cars parked there.
Today, it happen the same here. Where are they going?
Enjoying their family vacation before the school holidays end?

Erm... I guess so...

Even myself also have a balance of 7 days Annual Leave to spend, but I've planned to split it in 2 months, means I will take my leave on January 2010 and February 2010 (during Chinese New Year). If I feel moody on New Year Eve, I will be taking a day off too! :-P
Sounds good right?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

photo of the day

She is holding a jie-jie's toy
I like the colour of this photo...

the way she eat an apple

This is the way she eat an apple...

mum mum mum, its juicy!

She loves to eat fruits,

Especially apple, dragon fruit, etc.

This is also the only way she sit herself properly on the sofa,

Of course, her saliva is around the floor...

First ABC Puzzle

This batch of photos took on earlier November, late Saturday midnight / Sunday morning @ 1.39am.

She looks sleepy right, but daddy bought her the first ABC Puzzle on Friday afternoon, she just couldn't resist herself in playing this until she dozed off at about 2.00am.

Anyway, I love this batch of photos very much, it’s just so colourful and her sleepy and tiring looking is so cute.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

breaking record

Today, 8 December 2009:


gosh, what happened to my girl, she can sleep at the late midnight bout 2am but wake up very early today @ 6.30am, y'know! Sigh! My life will be destroyed very soon!"

This is what I posted at Facebook this morning before I go to work!

Tonight at about 10pm:

My mom shout at me that "wei, your daughter sleeping lah, bring her to bedroom lah!"

Wow, my girl has break her first record for being sleeping that early, it has been almost a month, she never go to bed that early, the earliest is after 12am or worst 1am!

I have been telling to myself that she have to change her habit from today onwards, I will not force her, but to really take this as my first task to train her, teach her well!

Thank god that she just did it her own... the reason being was she was too tired!!!!!! Low battery after drink her milk. She is charging her battery now, hope that she can sleep well tonight...

"Have a sweet dream, my sweet heart!"

I got to sleep now, to recover my stamina too!

Good night...

Monday, December 7, 2009

shout of the day

I feel very tired!!!!!!!

I feel exhausted from pass 3 weeks…

I wanted to give myself a rest! Full of rest!
Without tagging my girl along, but alone!

Yes, this is what I want!