Friday, January 23, 2009


I will be having my break starting from tomorrow till 1 February 2009, resume as usual on Tuesday, 2 February 2009.
.................................. Break ..................................

Happy Chinese New Year

2 days to go!

Wishing you:

Happy and Prosperous Niu (牛) Year...
May all your wish comes true...
Good Health & Wealth...



Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

going to 10mo soon...

This is an outdated post (end of December 2008)

Our little gal, Yvannie is going to 10mo soon!


She is still having a bottle of 5Oz or 6 Oz of Frisolac step 2 milk every 2.5 to 3 hoursly! Lately she doesn't like to eat portridge anymore but would like to have some rice! Therefore, I will try to feed her some rice with soup in the evening...


She can sit alone while myself and hubby are enjoying our Switzerland Trip on early November 2008. But we still support her at the back to avoid falling down!

She loves to craw everywhere but will stop at aside when she is tired. She can lift her body up when lying on the bed, than looking for her favourite teddy bear! Therefore, we are keeping her bear next to her. Sometimes, she will holding it to have her nap in the afternoon.

She knows pointing her ears when we ask her. Shame shame to people when we ask her to laugh at people; hold her ears as chatting through phone; patting her stomach after taking her milk; patting her chest means she's a bit afraid to something; raise up her hands to say 'hi' or 'hello' to people!

Also, she will move her body when listening to music and sometimes, she will dance with daddy while daddy are switching on the ringing tone to her at night!

Lately, she loves Chinese New Year song, she will watching at the TV and moving her body until the MTV is finished.

Overall, she is rich in daddy's DNA than my DNA...


Unknown, but been measures her weigtage on mid of December 2008, its around 7kg, a slight increased compare to mid November 2008 while we sent her to clinic to treat her fever, flu and cough!


She can scream well whenever she's happy . She will called her daddy well as: ba3 ba4... while meeting up with daddy; called grandmother as: po3 po4 well sometimes she likes; die3 die 4 (by right should called jie3 jie4 -- 姐姐 sister)... but until to-date, she is yet to call me as ma3 ma4 or even mi3 mi4 .

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Am I Kind or Generous?

Noticed that you are facing financial problem at the moment,
Therefore, I won't forced you to pay;

Hoping you can settle it after Chinese New Year,
i.e. Mid of February 2009

I'm not rich,
I'm not kind,
I'm not generous,

But I don't want people having difficulties in celebrating New Year!

Hope you understand...
Hope you can comply my 'simple' requirement!


Tuesday early morning around 3.35am, an argument with someone.
  • Too late to apologize...
  • Too late to return back all the words coming out from my mouth...
  • Too late to control my emotion...
Everything is too late....
Not hoping that she will forgive me in short time, but....
Everything is just too late!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I want my money back!

Gosh, I didn't update my blog about 2 weeks!

Something come bout from my mind after I've putting / update my status at my msn messenger: Please pay me back!

Some of you may want to ask me "what is this"?
  • I want to collect back my money from my tenant! He is owing me 3 months since November 2008 until January 2009! Am I too generous to allow him to owe me such a long time? Stupid me, paying my bank loan blind-ly!

  • I want to collect back my money from someone! But I really don't know how to ask for my money from her, coz we are quite 'closed', I've been paying for her pass 1 month, hope that she will remember to pay be back this month!
Chinese New Year is near to the corner, hope that you can settle it before New Year, please.......................

Allowed me to shout out: I WANT MY MONEY BACK, I'M NOT RICH ENOUGH TO PAY FOR YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

yeah, received my photos

Tell you, I've received my 50pcs 4R photos from eoe without any charges after the next 3 days, as stated from their mail replied....

They are really efficient, keep their promises to engage their appointed courier services despatched our photos within 3 working days! Somemore, all the photos are printed in Kodak glossy photo papers...

Its absolutely FREE!!!! Where to get this?!

What a big surprise from eoe, a surprise X'mas gift from eoe!

Even, I've made a speacial request to eoe to deliver my photos to other address provided and they are really 'read' through our mail and order.

Yes, these are the service we want! From here in Malaysia, we managed to make online photo printing, we managed to save our time, transportation to make and to receive our order!

Due to the overwhelming response received, eoe is going to extend their promotion until 31 March 2009! People who wants to make their order, please act fast before the promotion end!