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Monday, January 11, 2010

22 Months Old

一 ~~~ 同去~ 郊~游~

跑得快, 跑得快



Yup, this is the way my girl sing along the nursery song!

My 22mo toddler can sing a song well! Unbelievable, even my MIL also couldn’t believe on this, until I’ve burn the same VCD, my girl will ask to open “跑得快, 跑得快” and show it to my MIL, she has name the disc as “跑得快, 跑得快” or others.

You know, when the first song started, my girl is start dancing, jumping, hand waving and singing along until she feel that’s enough for her!

MIL: She knows!

MIL: Think she can sing very well when she can talk well, she is smart and clever…

The mother, of course feel very proud of her and showing to MIL smiling face the whole day! (feeling happy, happy and happy!)

And now, we got to on the TV whole day long, until they have fed up and get bored!  Except the mother and the grandmother will still “accommodate” her whole day / night long…

Until my brother had fed up and feel bored, he told her this: No more… enough, enough…

What a bad ‘kao fu’! :-(
I’ve suggest to husband to record her “performance” with our Video Camera, since we have never used it for such a long time. But the husband also quite bad to suggest me to record it by my “old” and “stubborn” handphone, means that he is that lazy to dig out his video camera from the room.

Her appetite is not that good, I also couldn’t understand well, she doesn’t like rice, porridge, bread but she loves biscuit and her milk milk.

She will said this: yao nen nen…

Erm, she will ask for her milk milk every 2 / 3 hourly… means that she need 1 tin of 900g Friso Gold Step 3 a week. That’s the reason why I’ve to stock 1 dozen of 900g Friso Gold Step 3 at home when Carrefour is having sales!

I’m very concern on her appetite problem, even my mom and MIL also…

They always complaint to me that she doesn’t want this, doesn’t want that? Especially my MIL, trying very much to feed her porridge every weekend, but my girl are not giving face at all!

But sometimes my mother can feed her a bowl of rice mix with herb soup, don’t know why? She will ask for self feeding (not 100% self feeding, but mostly “playing”), but turn up with a mess!

I hope that she can enjoy her food well everyday, but end up she eat nothing but full with biscuit or milk! 

My girl love kids and baby, but we all feel that she is act like a gangster!

Last Saturday, while my mom and brother are waiting for me to stock her milk milk at Carrefour, Kepong, they proceed to show her to a pet shop. There is a dog sit at the stool, so she is feel interesting and “sayang” it happily, meantime, 2 kids stand next to her, also wanted to “sayang” the same dog together, you know what happened next?

She is pushing the 2 kids next to her!

She is not pushing them once, but few times!!!!!!!!!

Both my mom and brother feel embarrass and trying hard to move my girl out from the group! But she is hard to move out, screaming and wanted to run around the pet shop!

I’ve seen her pulling Xin Ni’s (friend’s kid) hair while we are waiting for check in at Langkawi Airport, I’ve to shout at my girl at the public, headache or not? She think she is a “dai ka jeh” ah?!

Aiyoh!!!! I couldn’t imagine my girl is acting like a gangster loh!!!!!!!

I’m worried that she will be acting the same when she is schooling!!!

How?????? I don’t know how to teach this girl!

MIL said: all the children is like that geh, she will changed later on, don’t worried!

Halo, of course I’m worried lah, how if the teacher always complaint to me that the girl is bullying the kids? I’ve to dig a big hole to hide myself wor!

My husband also said to use a big rotan to keep at home, if she is keep on bullying people… kakakaka… Frankly, my mom keep 2 rotan at home to jaga rumah loh… scaring or not?

My 22 month old toddler is naughty enough for us to put the full attention on her… may be this is her intention, who knows?