Thursday, February 26, 2009

YL on 8 months old!

She loves to play...

This is how she look!

Trip to Switzerland!


Snowy Mountain

Background: NH Hotel Geneva Airport

Top of Europe - Jungfraujoch

Photo with bus driver and restaurant waiter!

Camera Tripod or M16?
(Left: Huat at Rose Garden, Right: Loo at Chillion Castle)

Medieval Town of Gruyere


Unforgettable trip to Switzerland on November 2008!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank You

Thank you for making time to attend baby Yvannie's first birthday yesterday and the gifts you brought for her!

Happy 1st Birthday

Today is my baby Yvannie's first Birthday!


Friday, February 20, 2009

her 1st birthday

We have made a decision to give her a simple and normal birthday dinner on this coming Sunday. Hence, there are plenty of things listed in my mind...
After searching from the website, ThePartyWorks have a lot of party themes, party plans & ideas provided... Therefore, I will be using some of the ideas as her birthday dinner!
Finally, I managed to save my "energy" to look for other sources of party planner...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Japanese Food Recipe

Read through a blog this morning that she is busying bento-ing for her kids everyday. As far as she is concerned, she loves bento-ing... I found it interesting and followed her blog everyday.

Today, she've recommended a website for bento-ing recipe. My goodness, there are all kind of recipe available. Gals, if you love cooking or bento-ing, hip to this website to get some new ideas!

Here are some of the samples:

Don't you think it looks delicious?

Tell you, I also wanted to try for bento-ing for baby Yvannie instead. :-P
Japanese Version:
Translated Version:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FGS, Dong Zhen Temple

Its seems that FGS, Dong Zhen Temple is a place must go during Chinese New Year. When I looking at all the photos uploaded by my friends, 9 out of 10 are uploading their photos taken at FGS, even myself also the same...

This is the first time I pay a visit to FGS, Dong Zhen Temple, a very long distance from Ampang to Jenjarom, quite jammed after turning from Banting. Sky turned to dark when we reached the main entrance of the Dong Zhen Temple...
Anyway, the lanterns are very attactive while we are looking for our parking... luckily we managed to get a parking within 5 minutes!

Hubby start busy taking photos while we are waiting for Yoong's family.

Whe we walking around the place, baby Yvannie start pointing to the lanterns and said: bird bird and her finger are very busy pointing all the lanterns that night.

Baby Yvannie also gather both her hands and pray at the Guan Yin, Ally was shocked and said: Hey, she knows ar?! O_O

Look at this photo, baby Yvannie is busy looking at the Guan Yin and Ally also concentrate at her!

Special thanks to Ms Ally, Mr & Mrs Chai (Ms Yoong) for helping me to carry baby Yvannie that night!

Some of the group photos taken, but a bit blur...

The happiest group of the night, the kidz...

We have spent our time there until 9pm and proceed to Kg Jawa for supper! By the time we finished is already 11.30pm, but I also heard that there are a group of people finished the whole program until 2.30am. Wow, they are great! (Salute) :-P
More photos, please click here...

Cute animals

She loves to point the cartoons at the rubber mat while I placed it on the bed...
She will showing me her smiling face after reading to her a bear at the left, a rabbit or bunny at the center and finally an elephant at the right.
I shall inform hubby to bring her a visit to Zoo later on!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bathing time...

Ever since when she loves to take bath, can splashing water at the bathroom, 'holding' the froth as well, she is so enjoy her bathing time...

When po po asking her where are you going?
She will simply answering po po that: bath bath!


So cute! (@_@)

But when I asking her the same question, she will just keep quiet! Sigh...

Anyway, share with you some of her bathing time photos...

"mommy, baby Yvannie is shame shame ler, ask daddy dun think photo..." (dialogue was created by mommy...)

Daddy keeps on taking her naked photos...



After lazying at home over the pass 2 days, its Monday again!

Yes, lazying at home pass 2 days... I should not said 'lazying' but 'busy' with my little gal at home as well as an outing yesterday evening... definitely tired, tired and tired...

Therefore, my personal formula for Monday will be as follows:


Yeah... today is not my working day, indeed, but will be here (the office) from 9am to 6pm by surfing internet, facebook here and there, blogging here and there... without my boss notices, else sure will kena makan sotong goreng...

I only know that I'm very very sleepy now.... zzzzzzz

Friday, February 13, 2009

CNY celebration

People are keeping on asking me what I did during the Chinese New Year Holiday!

My only answer is: visited relatives and Aquaria KLCC!

We did took some photos for baby Yvannie at home as well as Aquaria KLCC, but I can only share with you some of it.
Chinese New Year - Day 1, at home, Kajang

Chinese New Year - Day 4 at KLCC Aquaria

She is just enjoy 'playing' her 'toy' as well as playing with her po po at home... Last but not least, enjoy in looking all the big fish --> Sharks swimming around!

This is how we spent our holidays with baby Yvannie from the pass 7 days... enjoy or boring?!

CNY is over...

How times flies, Chinese New Year just over, she have received lots of ang pao from the pass 15 days... It also brings back the memories when myself are still qualified to receive ang pao from my fellow relatives and friends! Compare to the ang pao received, my little girl received quite a lots!

But I'm yet to 'open' all the ang pao and calculate how much money we received but for sure myself and hubby can confirmed how much we spent during the Chinese New Year holidays.

As a parent of baby Yvannie, it times to save all her money to bank! Yeah... Figures are not important but need to teach her 'saving' than 'spending'!

her 1st birthday celebration

3 weeks to go to celebrate her 1st birthday!

People are start asking me am I going to give her a birthday party on her Chinese calendar birthday... but I never giving them any answer as I'm still thinking to give or not to give... due to the economy crisis recently, its make us difficult!

Read through an article provided by on Monday that we can provide to her an simple and nice birthday party for our little one! Steps and guides are provided and yet to discuss with daddy... he also need to decide and confirm!

Basically, I planning to order a 3D birthday cake for her but still looking for a nearest bakery shop... Any idea which bakery shop can bake a delicious and nice design 3D birthday cake?

May be I'm not going to give her a birthday party but a small and simple celebration will do, calling our family members to have a dinner and blowing a candle is a must!

Hopefully, I can order a 3D birthday cake for her before her birthday... I got to search it hard! hahaha....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Can go to bed early?

My dear, can you go to bed early?

Since a month ago she always sleep late at night, don't know why?

May be she sleep too much in the afternoon, when I want to sleep around 10.30pm, she refused to but become very semangat on the bed, merangkak here and there, play here and there...

Sometimes I will falls asleep early than her, but she still can play alone until she tired, lying on the bed quietly, feeding her a bottle of milk, than only managed to start her night dream... By the time she sleep, is already 12.30am!

Tell you, she bang her head yesterday night around 11.30pm, this round she bang her head seriously until 'constructed a building' on top of it! Don't you think how active / naughty she is?! I got no choice but to place another blanket next to the wall for her safety purposes...

I always think back, whose baby always sleep late at night and bang her head randomly?

Monday, February 2, 2009

sleeping beauty

My sleeping beauty...


Hi, I'm back! Back to my work station today!

Spent my days at home with baby and daddy pass 1 week... nothing special but something happened to me on day 3 night!


Trying very hard to forget it but can't, it will always in my memories, in my life!


Why? This will happened to me???