Wednesday, August 25, 2010

sleeping baby

Baby break her first record today as she doze off before 8.50pm at the living room.

I should take a photo of her sleeping look but unfortunately am busy with my housechores; I'd carried her to the bedroom to avoid kisses from the mosquitoes.

Good night everyone... as my eyes cannot open anymore...

She can cycling

She dig out this 'old' bicycle from the room and cycling happily last two week.
Although her leg are not 'long' enough to step on the pedals but she is still enjoy cycling (slowly and on straight line). 
She still need a helper to turn her bicycle at the moment.  When she nearly 'bang' to the wall, she will be shouted and said:  转 turn...
And the helper ---> me got to run to her and turning the bicycle... LOL

Alone with daddy

Today is my first time leaving baby alone with daddy.
My mom will be attending her friend's funeral at around 2.00pm and I doesn't want to take a day leave today, so seeking daddy's help.
I'm a bit worried that baby doesn't want to follow her daddy, I asked her yesterday:
"Daddy will be taking care of you tomorrow afternoon, OK?"
"不要 Don't want..."
"Daddy got car..."
"不要 Don't want..."
How if you was me when you received this kind of reply from the girl?
pengsan or not?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Before & after de class

Basically baby is very enjoy in the music class and I will never regret to enroll her into it although it is only takes 45 minutes to finish. 
Before the class started provided that we reach the studio early, baby will be holding the ball and sitting aside.  May be she will starts playing alone by bouncing the balls, holding the ball at her back as what teacher showing them earlier to warming up herself until the class started.
To cut it short, this is how she look before the class starts (as picture no. 1).
When the class is going to finish, teacher will be sitting a side too and all the kids will be coming towards to her to get the 'chop' --- I should said a "stamp".
The funny part is the kids will be lifting their shirt up to let the teacher stamp on their belly, how funny there are.  So teacher will be busy handling them by stamping on their hand, palm as well as their belly.  Each of them will be getting 5 stamps after the class. LOL.
My baby will be happily telling us:  teacher 给.
Look at the picture, she is showing us her stamp on the belly as well as her hand.
Yeah, this is how the teacher rewards them on every classes.

Theme of the week

Last week was mostly covered the animals in the farm.  Teacher is showing them yellow duckling and each of everyone is acting as a yellow duckling as well.
After we reach home, I ask her:  how did you act as a duck?
She show me this:  quek quek quek... (you can seen it from the 1st three pics)
Than, I ask her again:  what about butterfly?
She starts moving her arms up and down (the last pic).
Aiyoh, she is so cute in doing all this...

new word - bib

She learn a new word from Baby Bumble Bee again.
There is one day, she is showing me a bib and said:  Bib.
All this while she doesn't know what it called and simply treat it as part of her toys.  Yes, she doesn't like to wear her bib and will remove it herself.
If I'm not mistaken, this is the only bib daddy bought for her from Ikea last year.  LOL

de studio

While we are waiting the music class to be started, I curi-curi take the photos of the studio.
You see, the room is full with the music instrument, there are drums, egg shaker, hula hoop, scarf and etc.  All of these instrument are kept in the plastic box neatly on top of the table. 
Each of the class will be practicing different instrument and the toodlers in the class are having fun too.
This week will be the last class and we shall be paying the fees by this week as well to enjoy the discount rate offer for the coming new semester.

broken frame

Finally, I received my 8R photos with frames on last Monday i.e. 2 August 2010.  So I take it as my birthday present from eoe...
Baby is very happy seeing it and busy showing to everybody.
She said:  Yanling ar...
But 1 of the frame was broken next day, how sad when your newly photo is lasting for only one day :-(
My mom called during my working hour telling me that baby damaged it and blaming me that I should not put it on the desk, bla bla bla...
Sien after receiving this kind of blaming... and of course I will not keep it and not blaming to baby...

happy birthday to me

8 August is my birthday, but no celebration this year as hubby is away to Johor on Sunday morning.  But this are the cup cake from Eileen, she bake it for me on last Friday i.e. 6 August 2010.  How sweet she is...
Thank you, Eileen...
Beside, I did received a lot of sms and birthday wishes at Facebook, thank you everyone.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Yesterday night as usual, before we go to bed, baby Yvonnie will love to busy colouring...
So she tell me this:  Crayon...
I never noticed what she said and look at her?!
She repeat again:  Crayon by raising her crayon up.
Baru I understand:  Oh, Crayon... yes, it is a crayon...
See, baby is just like a piece of sponge, they can absorbed a fresh word easily...
And forgot to tell you, she learn this word from Baby Bumble Bee VCD too!


也没有到公园, 广场走走

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Bumble Bee

Yvannie love to watch Baby Bumble Bee lately.  She did absorbed some vocabs very well and this few day, she gave me some surprise when I reach home.
Vocab 1:
Yvannnie:  Toes --- moving her toes...
Me:  huh?
Yvannie:  Toes
Me:  oh, toes, yeah, you are right...
Vocab 2:
Yvannie:  Tummy --- by lifting her shirt up and showing me her tummy...
Me:  tummy?
Yvannie:  Tummy --- patting her tummy
Me:  oh, tummy... where is your tummy?
Yvannie:  Lifting her shirt up and said "tummy"...
Vocab 3:
Yvannie:  Puzzle --- bringing along her set of puzzle
Me:  I cann't understand what she trying to say.
Yvannie:  Puzzle
Me:  Puzzle, wao, you know this is a puzzle, good girl...
Thumb up to my baby Yvannie and I feel proud of her.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kindermusik aka her free gift

Yvannie is ready to attend her Kindermusik,
look at her face, tiring look, right?
What to do,
she need to wake up a bit early
as the class will be start at 11.30am.
Below is a SIM T-shirt as a token of enrollment,
the hardcover small file is file with the rules and regulation.
There will be 7 class to go...
加油,my sweet heart!

not mine

This is not mine ya,
A friend of my bro tumpang him to buy a LV bag from Paris,
So very kind of him bring this back...
And I love LV,
So since this LV bag still at home,
Than I just take this opportunity to take a photo without me holding it...
Heard from my bro that the price of this LV bag is much cheaper than here,
and his boss also ask him to tumpang another LV bag (different design lah)...
It makes me remember my last trip to Switzerland,
that the gang of our tour also bought LV bag from the outlet,
except me...

when he called

Yvannie is so happy when she received phone call from her daddy.
She will sitting on the potty and chat with her daddy,
Until I call her up from the potty...
Shame shame Yvannie...
Most of the time the daddy cannot understand what Yvannie said,
I should pity either Yvannie or the daddy?!

my parcel

I've order a few thing two months ago
There are some books, clothes and of course a free sample of pre-school magazine
I've been waiting,
and waiting...
ding dong here...
ding dong there...
On 18 June 2010, 3 parcels are putting in my room,
There are parcels from Pauline,
Fishwan Story House and Hup Lick Publishing.
I was so happy to see all the 3 parcels here,
Time taken was due to the out of stock status,
and the fastest parcel I received is 2 Polo T-Shirts for Yvannie.
It tooks about 3 days to reach my door step.
Yvannie can start reading the megazine as well as her sticker project,










sexy lady in town

My sexy lady in town that night. 
I balut her like a dumpling after the night bath,
and my skill is so low yah, 
the towel is slipping off slowly,
she look down and adjusting the towel...
I kidnapped her to the bedroom and wearing her pajamas before going to the bed.
~ The End ~

another cheap book

I bought this book at RM5.00 from a bookstore at C4 on 14 June 2010.
Of course, you cannot get the original version at this price.  I've tried to search for other books but the operator said "Out of stock".  (Seems that this is not fair to the author hoh!)
Than no choice, got to wait for the next BookFest ler.

My 'booty'

Sharing with you the stack of picture books grabbed on 12 June 2010.
In fact, I'm not the one who 'sapu' these but my sister and her friend.  I've given her an instruction to 'sapu' some nice picture books from the Scholastic Book Buffet at Mid Valley.  
They did it pretty well and do you know that there are how many picture books here?
A total of 73 books stuff into 2 small bags.  1 book 'salah ambil', so there are 72 books, the same book has been given to Xiao Qing as her birthday present.
Oh ya, I should tell you that I just spent RM99.80 for all the 73 books here, around RM1.40 per book.  Cheap leh...
Don't jealous ya...

Her Bottle Teat

Can you imagine that her bottle teat can become like this?
Look at the pictures above, myself and baby can insert our finger into the 'holes' of the teat, scaring or not?
I don't know she is sucking or .....
I always tell her:  Please behave, your bottle teat is very expensive leh... 2 bottle teats need to spend RM20.00 lah!
Hope she can understand what I said but this is not the first time happened!

Fish De Ball?

This batch of photos was taken on the 7 July 2010. 
She is having her first try of Fish-De-Ball with tiny slices of vegetable. 
She love it very much,
I told her that this is a Fish Ball;
On a very beginning stage, she can said:  "Fish Ball" well;
but I don't know what make her repeating this:  Fish-De-Ball... (slap forehead)