Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Government tax waiver

I'd sent an email to the SCB Credit Card Centre last 2 weeks for Credit Card cancellation.  Finally I received phone call from SCB today that they will be paying the RM50 government tax on my behalf but the condition is to 'hold' the card for the period of six (6) months.

To further confirmed their offer, I managed to waive the RM100 government tax for 2 of my credit cards instead of 1 card waiver, this is the 1st offer received before a new year start ahead...  

NHL National Hockey League

How I wish I could get myself a pair of Buffalo Sabres tickets since I'm in the midst of clearing my annual leave.  We can now simply log in to by choosing your preferable teams, it has NHL national hockey league tickets for the Buffalo Sabres and the los angeles kings hockey team as well as the Minnesota wild tickets.
Link the website now!

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