Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grandma ~ Always In Our Memories

1915 ~ 2009
My grandma, leave us peacefully at home on Saturday (25 July 2009) night @ 10:10pm.
This is my worried pass few days and it happened on yesterday night, we was there with her until she left...
She has gone to a peaceful place ~ HEAVEN...
We will always remember your taught to all of us...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

what happened to me??

I don't know why...
I feel discomfort this few days...

There are a lot of negative issues in my mind
A lot of worried...
I worried that something unhappy will be happened!

I'm trying very hard to forget about all this thing,
but I cann't!

I don't know why?


I'm Very Very Very Tired...
Busying packing all the old files...
Sleepy a.k.a. tiring life!

Monday, July 20, 2009


An outdated post of my girl!

She is already 16 months...


She is taking 7Oz to 9Oz of Friso Gold 3 every 2 hours lately! She loves to eat grapes, biscuits, honey star and other junk food I bought from the market...


She can walk and run well! She is used to run than walk at home... but lazy to walk when we are shopping and sit on the stroller.

She is learning jumping, but she cannot jump at all!!! Still in a learning stage... :-p

She loves counting 1 & 2 in Mandarin, but failed in English! Don't know why?! *fainted*

She loves scrapping with pencil, colour pencil and the magnetic board we bought from Tesco.

She loves to stick the sticker in the Sticker Album I bought recently... she has been addicted into it as well?! After sticking, she will said "pa pa" and clapping her hand!

She loves to play the plastic block I bought, but to avoid choking, my mom has hide it in a place where she cannot found! I think I shall take it out and let her play and hide the smallest pieces!

After we wearing clothes or dress for her, she will look herself in front of the mirror and said she is "mei mei"...


These are the new words she learnt lately!

ha o ~ hello

a a a ~ ah ah ah... when answering phones (talked alone!)

xie zi ~ shoes

mei you liao ~ finished

mei mei ~ pretty

bao bao ~ carry

zuo zuo ~ sit

Get well soon

My grandmother falls down at the living hall last 2 weeks and she cannot walk at her own lately.

We visited her just now and trying very hard to advise her to see Dr Soh today, but she rejected our offer. My uncle got no choice but have to cancel the appointment fixed.

My grandmother is very weak now... We doesn't want to force her but letting her resting at home for time being!

Hope that she can GET WELL SOON!!!

May god bless her!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

she said ~~~

She loves writing by standing on her small chair and sometimes will just sit on the floor and write / scrap!

She pointed to the dining table and said: mum mum ar!

She said: mei mei 美美 (after wearing my hair band) and showing to me her smiling face.

How she eat an apple

There is one night, I've put 2 apples on the table and prepare to bring my girl to the bed.
After a second, I realized an apple was missing. When I turn back and look, Yvannie is sitting on our bed and eating my green apple.
Showing to you my girl how she 'bite' an apple. Looks delicious right?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wou wou ar

Look at her, what she did to our laptop!

Tell you, we never give her any computer class but she knows what to do to our laptop! Funny huh?

Btw, can you understand what she is trying to say?

"Wou wou ar..."

There is a dog - a picture shown before we key in our password!

She loves this picture, that's why she is keeping on switching on and off to our laptop while we are away! *grin*

This is what she did before she go to the bed every night...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Loke Kai Xin

Did you received any e-mail from your friends, colleagues and family that a baby girl Loke Kai Xin was diagnosed with biliary atresia at 3 months old, a Kasai procedure was done in February. Unfortunately, the procedure did not cure her condition and was advised liver transplant as her last and only option.
She is currently a 8 months old baby and her parents need to collect a sum of money for liver transplant at Singapore.
I believe that the power of blogging is good enough to help the Loke's family, you may click on this blog --> Loke Kai Xin's Liver Transplant Latest Development to know further.
As a parent, how we wish our child has a healthy life. However, Kai Xin is struggling since she was 3 months old until now...
Your donation of RM5.00 will be able to help little Kai Xin.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformers 2 - Revenge Of The Fallen

Not long time ago, Joseph forwarded Transformers 2 movie trailer to me as he is also fans of Transformers! :-)
I have watched this movie on last Saturday, but late for about 15 mins. We did enjoyed the movie for 2 hours and tell you, there will be Transformers 3 coming on! Yeah, they will spend another 3 Hundred Million for Transformers 3 due to the breaking of box office.
Sharing with you the movie trailer. Enjoyed!