Thursday, October 22, 2009

my 1st ChurpChurp assignment

Finally, I've receiced my 1st ChurpChurp Assignment today! Happy Happy...

Since this is an easy task / assignment… (at the same time, I'm so free), I immediately think for a ‘creative’ post without any further delayed.

It pops the above message within a minute after my submission. What I need to do is to check how much I get after my post been approved.

Stayed tuned...

Happy ChurpChurp!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 3rd Anniversary


We will be out tonight together with Yvannie, might take a simple dinner somewhere. Hubby will be waiting for me at home. Erm... guess I will be reaching home at 7.30pm (the earliest) or 8.15pm (the latest) if we leave office at 6.30pm.
..... Hope that I can reach home on time tonight!

Monday, October 19, 2009

When to visit Disneyland?

I always plan to visit Disneyland Hong Kong or Tokyo before my girl is 2 years old. But no action from both myself and husband! Sigh...

Husband said: not visit Disneyland now... she won't remember or even knows!

Me: speechless...... but.... infant before 24 months is FOC mah... why not?!

Trying very hard to convince him, but failed!

Therefore, I got to dream day and night… checking through all the flight ticket during Sales!!!!!

And now, Airasia is having Sales again from 19 – 25 October 2009. I’m actually checking on it now… rather than sitting here dreaming again and again!

Btw, any best ideas to get a trip from husband? Please share with me…

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

don't know what is "P&C"?

Don’t tell me he don't know what is "P&C" stands for?

"P&C" ~ Private & Confidential...

I've put "P&C" very clearly next to the receiver's name, and yet the envelope was opened by "him" before passing to the receiver...

Hey, this is the staff “Employee Confirmation Letter”, some sensitive figures was printed there for the receiver’s financial arrangement.

He cannot open the envelope without the staff consent. Don’t tell me he doesn’t know?!

It makes me very very very very angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the second time…

The very first time was done by his staff… she opened my envelope (“P&C” been stamped in red next to my name), distributed to certain staff, read and sealed back!

Don’t you think they are ridiculous?

Don’t you think they are terrible and horrible?

I really can’t stand on it… Shall I argue with him?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

husband said

This is what husband said on last Sunday night ~ 04.10.2009

5/9/1999 – 正式和你成为狗男女
21/10/2006 – 身份转换成奸夫淫妇
2008 – 加入了一个新成员 ~ 小魔怪


Our next anniversary will be coming soon!!!

19 Months update

How times flies, my little women is 19months old as of to-date!

She is my little women with all kind of face expression - shall upload photos in later part.

Excited --- wow or wah...
Smile --- he he he
Laugh --- ha ha ha
Shame shame --- xiu xiu by touching her right face

She is also full with daddy's genetic, i.e. she loves singing and dancing.

Lately, she is showing to us how daddy is doing 'moon walker', the funniest part is she will just backlash her feet! She can copy daddy pose as well (same as our pre-wedding photo hanging on the wall)... definitely, she is making daddy happy all day long!

She can memorize some of the song, i.e. which song will be coming next... at least she can tell us the first 'word' of the song...

Beside, her favourite passing time will be running and writing (conteng on a piece of paper or exercise book)...

When we dining outside, pass her a pencil and a piece of paper to make her sit longer time on the highchair, else we have to finish our lunch or dinner as fast as possible.

We have to keep watching on her as she can climb up everywhere, i.e. climbing up to the table and knocking our laptop with her fist; beside she can open the unlock grille door and walking around at the car porch area. How ‘dangerous’ she is?

Some of the new words she learnt:

Gai gai – shopping
Ie ie – thank you
Kit – calling my SIL
Gu Jie – 姑姐
Car car
Nen nen – milk

I have lost patient to her almost everyday as she is too much in asking us playing with her... i.e. sitting next to her, playing cards, stop FB-ing but to accompany her in writing, drawing flower, fish, chicken for her, etc. :-S

Anyway, she is still my lovely little women. LOL

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Don't know what happened to my Yahoo! Mail...

It was hang................................. until I need to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete!

Anyone can help on this????