Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flu Cure

Please have a try!


Received this video from one of my friend, it makes me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coke / cock??

fried / fly??


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cloth Diaper story

KS are having a Earth Day promotion on Wednesday (only 1 day promotion)... Purchase One Size Cloth Diaper (Value Pack of 3) --> Free additional 3 pieces of one size insert (worth RM50.70) @ RM155.00. What a attractive promotion right? Beside, I also purchase Avent Airflex fast flow 4 hole for my girl to replace her old teat @ RM17.90.

I immediately put my order and proceed with payment. I thought will receive my parcel next week, latest Monday, but receive on next day.... How efficient they are!

Today, I have let my gal wearing Cloth Diaper today to test on it!

This is how she look...

There are a lot of reviews from their customer that the quality is good comparable with other imported CD.

For me, I haven't used any imported CD, but after surfing from the internet, KS selling the cheapest CD currently, but I will be consider for other brand. Beside, after checking my parcel that day, the lining layer and the inserts are very soft. Overall is good.

I just put in 1 insert this morning, after 5 hours the insert is so wet but the lining layer is still dry! The absorbent is so good! Therefore, I immediately replaced it before her afternoon nap.

With this, I should order somemore CD for standby!

Girls, Cloth Diaper is highly recommended for all babies... to keep his / her skin dry and less diaper rashes. It is worth to invest your money on CD... You will never regret!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


II get to know this website from a blogger as well.

EmailCashPro is the FIRST Get Paid To Read Emails Site in Singapore and is now expanding its reach to Malaysia, Philippines US, UK, Australia and other parts of the world.

It's based on the idea of paying you to read emails that you are interested in.

  1. You may register yourself as usual; choose your area of interests from the list shown, let the best deals look for you instead of searching for them!
  2. Their system will match your interests and profile with their email advertisement called SoloAd. Each SoloAd comes with a clear subject headline. If you are interested in the subject, open and read those emails and get paid at the same time!
  3. Beside, you can receive monthly interactive newsletter in sharing some of the useful tips.

Simply click on the, read and understand the FAQ listed from the website, you will get paid by reading all the paid-mails send by them.

Extra income again?

Hey, I get to know that there is a another website called cashcreate to make money online for ourselves.

Simply log in and register yourself to the abovementioned website, fill-in your own profile as usual, watch the tutorial video from the web page. An offering box will be appeared after the tutorial video.

It is a very simple offering box, complete the free offers listed and you will be get paid without spending a dime!

Don't worried, the registration is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO CLICK ON THIS WEBSITE:, you deserve it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

duck duck

Digi advertisement are end with few ducklings, she will telling us that is duck duck...
Baby is always a baby, they loves all kind of cute stuff and toys i.e. animals, cartoon character, bear, doll, etc.

My girl love chicken, duck, dog, cat, bird, ants, etc. now worse she loves lizard! Sometimes, she even wanted to catch the lizard and to pinch on the ants... can you imagine how 'brave' she is!

~fa fa~

We have a walked yesterday evening, when we standing next to my mother's planting area, she will pointing to the plants and said: fa fa (flower 花花)!

Mendy putting her handbag on the sofa yesterday night, what happened is, she is pointing to the handbag and telling my mother-in-law that is fa fa. Same, when we asking her the pattern printed on the bed sheet, she is also telling us that is fa fa, because there are bamboo and flowers printed on it!

Yes, she knows!

She can absorb new vocab very fast, in fact I teaching her this vocab few months ago, our cushion was printing with flowers, before we sleep I will showing to her this is called: fa fa / flower (instead I teaching her in English).

~meh meh~

There is one night after I putting her lying down on the bed, suddenly she is telling me: meh meh (carry her from the back)!

Immediately I told her: cannot meh meh, is sleeping time now!

At that time, I really don't know how to answer her but very happy that she know a new word. Every now and than, when I sitting on the sofa, she will climb up and stand at my back, asking me to meh meh her!

You know, she will immediately putting both her hands on my shoulder and smiling all the way I walked.

She loves meh meh everyday...

Friday, April 17, 2009



@ 錢不是問題,問題是我沒有錢。

@ 一山不能容二虎,除非一公和一母。

@ 寧願相信世間有鬼,也不能相信男人的那張嘴!(agreed)

@ 對流血一週仍然不死的動物千萬不能大意…(ha ha ha….) 

@ 男人的謊言可以騙女人一夜,女人的謊言可以騙男人一生!(Mmm….. may be not)

@ 女人無所謂正派,正派是因為受到的引誘不夠;

@ 男人無所謂忠誠,忠誠是因為背叛的籌碼太低…

@ 我和超人的唯一區別是:我把內褲穿在褲子裡面。

@ 我身在江湖,江湖卻沒有關於我的傳說…

@ 水至清則無魚,人至賤則無敵。(oh yes)

@ 喝醉了我誰也不服,我只要扶牆。

@ 避孕的效果:不成功,便成人。

@ 問世間情為何物?一物剋一物。

@ 生,容易。活,容易。生活不容易。

@ 一個人並不孤單,想一個人時才孤單。 

@ 我不是隨便的人,但隨便起來就不是人。

@ 騎白馬的不一定是王子,可能是唐僧;

@ 帶翅膀的不一定是天使,也可能是'鳥人'。

@ 流氓不可怕,就怕流氓有文化。

@ 水能載舟,亦能煮粥!

@ 聰明的女人對付男人,而笨女人對付女人。

Lee Sum Wan, Annie wan & Mr Sori joke

Lee Sum Wan: "Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan?"

Mr. Sori: "Yes, you can speak to me."

Lee Sum Wan: "No, I want to speak to Annie Wan."

Mr. Sori: "You are talking to someone! Who is this?"

Lee Sum Wan: "I'm Sum Wan. I need to talk to Annie Wan. It's urgent."

Mr. Sori: "I know you are someone and you want to talk to anyone! But what's this urgent matter about?"

Lee Sum Wan: "Look, just tell my sister Annie Wan that our brother was involved in an accident. Noe Wan was injured and now Noe Wan is being sent to the hospital. Right now, Avery Wan is going to the hospital."

Mr. Sori: "Well, if no one was injured and no one was sent to the hospital from the accident, that isn't an urgent matter! You may find this hilarious, but I don't have time for this!"

Lee Sum Wan: "You are very rude. Who are you?"

Mr. Sori: "I'm Sori."
Lee Sum Wan: "You should be sorry. Now give me your name!"

Mr. Sori: "I'm Sori!"

Lee Sum Wan: "I don't like your tone of voice, mister, and I don't care. Now give me your name!"

Mr. Sori: "Look, lady, I told you already. I'm Sori! I'm Sori! I'm SORI! You didn't even give me your name!"

Lee Sum Wan: "I told you before, I'm Sum Wan! Sum Wan! You better be careful, man. My father is Sum Buddy. And my uncle holds a very prestigious position in the family business. He is Noe Buddy."

Mr. Sori (sarcastically): "Oh, I'm so scared. Look, I don't care about your uncle; he's a nobody. Everybody thinks he's top dog and holding an important position in the company."

Lee Sum Wan: "No, Avery Buddy just married my aunt. And Avery Buddy doesn't work there."

Mr. Sori: "Like I said, I don't care which one of your aunts sleeps around, and I also know that not everybody works here! Jeez! Now, which one of my employees do you want to talk to?"

Lee Sum Wan: "Wheech Wan is my sister!"

Mr. Sori: "I don't know which one is your sister! How in God's name would I know that?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009









何为知足? 何为常乐?


你只能苦中作樂.. ”

下午,Terry 送了我些话:




Tuesday, April 14, 2009

13mo check up

We have delayed baby Yvannie's 13 months check up for almost a week. Reached Britannia at 10.00am but all the nurses are busying upstairs – labour room and theater room.

Dr Khoo calling us personally after we are waiting for half an hour.

Vaccine: Chicken Pox
Weight: 9.205kg (increased much compared to last visit, Dr Khoo suspected her pamper is full)
Height: 77cm
Head Circumference:44.7cm

Overall she is gaining and improving, only that we need to monitor her temperature for few days. According to Dr Khoo, US started given babies 2 Chicken Pox vaccinations, similar to the Rubella, 1st injection while baby in 12 months old and the 2nd injection while they are around 12 years old. But Malaysia hasn’t started this practice.

Beside, there are 0.1% of babies will suffer their Chicken Pox twice; it is much more depend on the babies’ immune system. Their body is unable to produce stronger antibiotic to fight with the bacteria.

After all the explanation from Dr Khoo while baby Yvannie also crying hard, he given us 6 packs of Friso Gold 3 as a free gift.

Anyway, this vaccination cost us RM130.00 without any medication. Expensive right?





Hubby bought this chocolate and a Baby-G watch from Japan on January 2007 as my present. I kept this chocolate in our wardrobe till now.
There is one day, I take the parcel out and hubby was shocked after seeing it and keep on asking me why I never eat this!
In fact, the chocolate haven't expired (can't remember the manufactured and expiry date) but melt, so hubby keep it in the fridge.
I would like to know where this chocolate is kept? Either still kept in the fridge or inside hubby's tummy?

Monday, April 13, 2009

CEO dialogue

Our half-yearly CEO dialogue scheduled on 28 April 2009! (Again, we are the last group to attend this dialogue). As usual, he will make some announcement during his dialogue.

Anyway, received phone call from colleague (Eco Tower) just now, that our CEO had announced 2 bad news to us:

1. No yearly increment
2. No year-end bonus

Gosh, this is a very bad-bad news for me and other colleagues...

We have received our yearly increment and bonus for more than 10 years, feel so sad and disappointed that 2 of this benefits will be 'withdraw' this year... I really stuck on it!

My brain are totally empty and don't know what to do now... still continue to work with him or looking for other job?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

busy today?

Jeniffer invited us to attend her Full Moon Party tonight at Kajang Prima, half hour later my uncle came and asked whether we attending or not? I just said "don't know yet"...

A closest friend of my mom also invited us to attend her grand-daughter's Full Moon Party tonight as well! Both of the functions are crashing together at the same time... (scratching head which to attend)!

After telling my mother and hubby, both are asking me same question as well: which function you go?

I keep quiet for a minute and said: I don't want to attend both of these functions but will pass them ang pao, how you think?

My mother replied me with this: No, have to choose either one. Attend function for a short while than only proceed to other function...

Frankly, I prefer to attend the function at Ampang than only proceed to Kajang Prima, but I didn't informed my mother that hubby is very lazy to attend function tonight, so I also don't know what am I going to do now!

May need to discuss with hubby again before we go!

I hate fuctions are crashing in a day! Don't you?

cheap cloth diaper

I received Kasihku Sayangku newsletter yesterday and noticed that they are also selling cloth diapers.
Besides, after reading their catologue from the website, most of the modern mama are using the cloth diapers manufactured by Kasihku Sayangku as well.
There are a lot of written comments and a blogger from Kajang also comment on their cloth diapers recently.
Guess, cloth diapers has become a new trend here in Malaysia... Am I too late in using cloth diaper for my baby gal as she is already 13 months old!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sakura in Yoyogi Park / 代々木公園のさくら 

Sun Laushi posted the 代々木公園のさくら / Sakura in Yoyogi Park on 29 March 2009, just 2 days after our last conversation:

Her picnic time with lover... plenty of junk food!

See, crowded! (people mountain people sea!)

Yoh Yoh... Hip Hop Dance!

Sakura @ 文京さくらまつり  /  文京櫻祭

Sakura again! Yes, taken from Sun Laushi again!

Our last conversation with Sun is on the 27 March 2009, she claimed that they can't have a Sakura Party at home... a slight delayed this year!

Sakura @ 【東京都】 板橋区 石神井川の桜

Sun Laushi posted the following photos at her blog lately...

Her Japanese hubby...

How good if I can visit Japan with my family?

bad habits?

Erm... this is quite true... ladies are always having the same habits and having a lot of bad habits as well... don't you think so?

PS: Apologized that the uploaded cartoon is too small to read!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Received my parcel

Received my parcel from Sally this morning.

Opened and checked that the training pants are quite big (the waist). Am worried that my girl cannot wear it at all! Sigh...

After taking my dinner, I immediately take out the training pants and luckily she is fit into it. hahaha... Beside, I also letting her wearing the knee protector, but my mother claimed that she will be very hot after wearing! I just want to avoid any injured when she is crawling...

Overall, she is in sporty girl looking...... not bad! :-P

No seat?

Few minutes ago, Mr Cheah came across to our office and asked for En Taharin.

Here are the conversations:

Cheah: Taharin duduk mana ah?

Wati: Taharin tak kerja hari ni.

Cheah: Bukan, saya nak tanya tempat duduk dia.

Wati: Mr Cheah, Taharin tak ada tempat duduk punya lah!

Cheah: Huh?

Wati: Kenapa, ada dokumen nak hantar kat dia ke?

Cheah: Ya lah, aku nak bagi dia dokumen ni.

Wati: Oh, tak apa lah, biar aku terima dokumen ni, aku akan pass bagi Taharin minggu depan.

Cheah: ok lah! Thank you ar!


We laugh after Mr Cheah left the door................

Pai seh lah, Taharin...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cloth Diaper Addict?

I've addicted to cloth diaper?

Gosh, I managed to find a shop through one of the blogger, she is selling all kind of eco-friendly products, i.e. cloth diaper, wet bag, cloth pad, microfiber insert, etc. They are also having a kiosk at GE Mall, the Bungalow @ Damansara.
Tell you, the CD are very colourful complete with all kind of colours/design. Beside CD, wet bag, cloth pad, Roo-totes also very nice, colourful and modern. You may hop to her website to have a look on this!

Since I'm planning to use cloth diaper for baby Yvannie, shall I proceed to buy some new CD for her or using 2nd hand CD will do?

PS: There are plenty of online stores selling CD, i.e. mia bambina, the baby loft, baby sasha & mom, etc.

Online shopping again!

Yes, I've spent some of my money in online shopping again!

After some survey carried out (seems serious) and conveniences for my mom and myself, by wearing her training pants will be easier to handle. At the same time, I can save money to buy pampers. Mind you, a pack of pampers need to cost us for almost RM40.00, consider expensive and it's nearly RM0.50 per pc.

Since she has been on potty training for almost a year (when she is nearly 3 months old, my mother starts potty training for her), and since she knows telling us when to pee and poo! I've decided to buy training pants for baby Yvannie from Sally. She is having a great promotion in Monril Training Pants, finally I've ordered 3 pcs for baby yesterday. Hope to receive my parcel tomorrow or Thursday!

Beside, I've also ordered cloth diapers (CD) from a blogger, she wanted to let go her CD collections, so am still waiting for her to update the price...

With this, I can take this as a new practices for myself and my mother, to give our environment green!

House warming

A sister of mine will be moving in soon!
My mother told me yesterday night to reserve my day to attend her house warming. Am headached now to buy a present or an ang pao will do...

In fact, she is moving to a bungalow lot located at Sg Long, quite near to my house too, if we plan to buy her a present, than we shall look for some special ornament i.e. abstract painting? I search from the net that some abstract painting is very nice, showing to you some of it.

Modern Abstract Paint

Leaf painting 08

Don't you like this colour tone?

I remember that there is a art gallery at Pavillion, selling a lot of nice painting and the cost of these painting are very pricey, I'm can't affort at this point of time... That's the reason why would like to look for more opportunity to grab much more money to spend on this.

Need to discuss with hubby what to prepare for this house warming... headached!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

13mo soon!

My little gal is going to 13 months and she is learning a lot:
  • She will called "gor gor" when a boy passing by...
  • She will called "jie jie" when she is reading her flash card (there are some photos printed with a little girl in eating, drinking, crawling, crying, smiling, etc.)...
  • She will point to the lizard and said "bi (壁)" ( 壁虎)... than laugh at it!
  • She will said "cock cock" and point to the flash card I bought and look outside...
  • She will said "wu wu" and trying very hard to touch Coco (Kit's pet)...
  • She will said "da (大)" when she is watching at the advertisement (forgot what kind of advertisement is that, not mistaken is Anmum???), sometimes she will said "bien (should be tien (天)", although her pronounciation is incorrect, but at least she is trying her best to learn...
  • She will carrying her bear and patting it, later on will pass it to us and teaching us, she will show us how she did!

We brought her to see Dr Khoo last Monday as she is not feeling well again, flu, cough and white spot on her mouth (pitty girl)! That day, Dr Tan (my gynae)'s wife bring her twins (boy & girl) as well for check up, baby Yvannie is very interested to look at them, so I told baby Yvannie that "we go and see baby", you know, her first impression to the baby is touching her, I'm so worried that she will act like a "cow", not touching but whipping, luckily she is not, thank god!

Tell you, she loves baby after seeing them... always shaking her legs to see babies that day! hahaha...