Friday, April 30, 2010

1 --- 1st handwriting

Back dated post (19 January 2010)

Baby first handwriting ---> 1

Can you read it clearly?  It was dated 19 January 2010, I'm teaching baby in writing, so we start at no. 1.
When I ask her write 1, she will be writing it very clearly without me holding her hand!

Cheong Sum in de house

Kao Fu bought this cheong sum from Phuket last year, but de mommy forgot to let baby wear it during Chinese New Year, so de grandmother wear it for her 2 months ago (after the cny)...

baby is he or she?

Look at the photos below, does she look like.......

People are keep on telling me that baby is a boy, so if im expecting for 2nd baby, I will get a baby boy, bla bla bla...

baby in action...

naughty girl in action..

no eye see...

and this is a good girl in action...

Monday, April 26, 2010


Yvannie took my digital camera out and ask to take photo for her when she wake up. 
This is her standard pose (trying hard to show us the "V") by saying:  Yeah...

Cute eh... the mother tak de malu at all :-)

the "Musang"

On the 19 April 2010, the security guard catched this at the common area...
This "musang" is very fierce when the supervisor is trying to feed him some biscuits and plain water.

Of course, the security have finally leave him to the forest park next to our working area.

daddy n daughter

I do not know when they took this photo?   

People always ask me why daddy wasn't show in most of the photos, especially our family photos.

I will never denied that daddy is seldom taking his own photo but the baby... He is the only photographer when we are outing.  And his photo is the best compared to the photos I snap, so it would be better that he is doing all the snap... right?

PS:  Daddy looks very tired hoh...

Sun Set

On 19 April 2010, while we are leaving from Eco Park to Setia Alam. We saw this york...

This is the end of my working day.  I took this photos at around 6.55pm and it tooks more than a hour to reach home...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

complaining cum manja

2 years 2 months update

Baby:  painful 痛痛... (pointing to her forehead)...
Me:  no more painful but healing... 没有痛痛了,好了。
Baby:  bleeding 流血
Me:  stop bleeding, ok? 没有流血了
Baby:  no more bleeding ar... ar... 没有流血了啊,啊。。。

Aiyoh, my girl can complaining the same issue, repeat and repeat again when she bang her forehead or piece of skin peel off from her toe...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

no more blogging

no more blogging at the office, so there will be less post but will try to blog at home, if no disturb from my girl. I feel disappointed that they have blocked it under the category of 'social networking'!